How Much Should You Weigh?

August 29, 2012

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How Much Should You Weigh?

How Much Should You Weigh?

Obesity is becoming a huge problem nowadays for a great number of people, so the question – How much should I weigh? – is certainly one of the most frequently asked questions today. The same people asking this question are determined to lose some weight but the main problem is certainly to determine their ideal weight. Determining the ideal weight is a necessary step if you are serious about losing excess weight.

How much should I weigh?

One of the mistakes people make when they try to lose weight is to set their high-school weight as their target weight. The problem here is that the body shape has changed in the meantime and even if they manage to lose weight to the desired weight, they will not look the same. There are many factors which make the body shape change, for example: age, childbirth and others. On the other hand we have to admit that when a person loses excess weight he or she will look better. However, it is not wise to expect to have the body of a teenager.

For this reason we have to examine the question – How much should I weigh?- from a different perspective. Let’s say it this way. You goal should be to lose weight and look better than you look now, and at the same time, improve your overall health.

Are you happy with your ideal weight?

In order to find out how much you should weigh, you can use numerous charts and online calculators. Some charts will only require your weight and height to make the calculation; others will include more factors, like body frame, gender and age. If you try some of these charts and calculators, you will see that there are some great differences in their results. However, you may get the ideal what your ideal weight should be.
However, once you find out your average ideal weight, it doesn’t mean that it is really ideal. Always allow 10-20% up or down. We tell you this because we wouldn’t want you to keep trying to lose just a few more pounds and feel miserable because it takes too long. For this reason, it is always better to set up your goals around 20% over the ideal weight. Once you reach this goal you can easily set another weight-loss goal.
Once you get very close to the ideal weight you have calculated before, it is time to stop. You have actually reached the level where you feel very good, you have energy to do all the necessary things during the day and at the same time, and you are satisfied with the way you look. When all these three elements combine you have to understand that you have reached your ideal weight.

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How Much Should You Weigh?


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