Working Out At Home

September 19, 2012


We all know the importance of working out. But let’s be realistic. Sometimes we just can’t make it to the gym with all the various activities we have going on in our busy daily lives. If you fall into this category, then working out at home may be the solution for you! You can purchase workout equipment for your home such as the Chael Workout Machine, or if you don’t want to purchase any equipment, I have found the following ten ideas of workout activities you can do at home to be easy and quite beneficial.

First, you can walk. If the weather is nice outside, get out and walk around the block a couple times. The fresh air will do you good. If the weather isn’t good, walk up and down your stairs a few times. This will help to tighten your butt and firm up those legs.

Second, you can do jumping jacks. Before you assume this is childish, remember that it is a great source of cardio to get your heart rate up and get the blood flowing. Plus don’t we all have a little bit of a kid still within us?

Third, you can do pushups. Although these tend not to be a favorite, they are great for building arm strength and you can modify the traditional pushup by doing them on your knees or up against a wall.

Fourth, you can do leg lifts. These are great for building up strength in your legs and helping to tone them.

Fifth, you can do crunches. This is the best exercise for building abdominal strength. As we all know this tends to be the problem area for most people! There are many modifications you can do for the basic crunch as well such as putting your legs in different positions.

Sixth, you can jog in place. Jogging is great exercise for your heart. You can do this while watching television or listening to music to make it more exciting.

Seventh, you can do squats. These are great exercises for your legs and butt. All you need is a kitchen table chair or a wall and you are good to go!

Eighth, you can do some light weight lifting. Don’t fret thinking you don’t own weights. Use items in your home that you have. If you haven’t lifted for a while start by using cans of soup, and work up to bags of flour or milk jugs.

Ninth, you can dance. Before you start laughing, dance is a great form of exercise. And you’ll have fun doing it!

Finally, you can do step exercises. Utilize the stairs in your home to do this great cardio exercise for your heart. So if you don’t have time to get to the gym regularly, don’t fret! Get creative and do some of these simple exercises from your home. You will realize that you will start feeling better and have more energy.

Working Out At Home

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