Why choose a women only weight loss retreat?

March 7, 2013

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Experts in weight loss and fitness, such as Brealy Bootcamps, offer a range of opportunities for a women-only weight loss retreat.

Here are some FAQS, which may help you in choosing the retreat that is most suited to you.

Why are these retreats for women only?

At the risk of stating the obvious, men and women have, in part, different physiologies which are subject to different biological processes.

That means that dietary regimes and health maintenance programmes that might be suitable for men are not necessarily ideal for women (and vice-versa).

Weight loss and fitness is also sometimes closely associated with mindset and mental attitudes.  These may also be significantly different between typical males and typical females.

For all these reasons and others, it makes sense to consider the sexes differently when considering ideal approaches to losing weight and physical health.

Some women might also feel more comfortable in an environment designed and run by women for women.

Are bootcamps a competitive and very physical environment?

There are camps that are run on a semi-military basis, where the physical work involved is extremely demanding. The ratios of instructors to participants may be low and such camps might be best avoided, as a lack of personal instruction could see you injured if you do an exercise wrong.

There are others though, which are boot camps only in name and really not at all in nature!

These camps provide a retreat-like opportunity for women to learn about the needs of their bodies in terms of nourishment, pick-up practical tips for healthy eating including how to avoid those 3pm energy slumps, and to develop a realisation of the totality of the way they are living their lives and physical health.

With the more reputable weight loss breaks, there is a lot of emphasis on mutual support and encouragement both during and importantly after the camp and none at all on trying to compete or somehow out-do other people on the retreat.

Are they just a faddy dieting regime?

Some camps may be – such as ones where you survive on liquids only – and while you may lose weight, if the diet isn’t one you can sustain once back at home, you could find yourself back at square one very easily.

The alternative to those types of camps are ones where you actually learn about nutrition, giving you the foundations of incorporating healthy eating in to your lifestyle once back home – meaning you can lose weight and maintain that weight loss, healthily.

These women only camps can help you understand that while healthy eating is important, it is also critically important to understand just how exercise may help with controlling your weight and health.

You will learn how to think holistically about these things and to develop practical techniques you can apply in your everyday life. This is about rather more than simply cutting out a few high-calorie foodstuffs etc – it is about tweaking your lifestyle.

About the Author
After a successful career as an semi-pro sportswoman, Julie decided to channel her passion for fitness to help others who wanted to achieve the body and health that they always visualised, by establishing Brealy Bootcamps (http://www.brealybootcamps.co.uk) which runs women only fitness bootcamps. She has been inspiring women and men from all walks of life, from all parts of UK and Europe, and of all shapes and sizes for over seven years and brings a fresh and enthusiastic approach to each individual.

Why choose a women only weight loss retreat?

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