Western vs. Holistic

January 23, 2013


If you search for a drug treatment center at DrugRehab.org, you will find that the modern treatment of choice for addictions is a holistic approach. This approach offers many advantages over traditional Western medicine. The reason is, a holistic approach tends to address body, mind, and spirit. In comparison, Western medicine is better suited for addressing a specific area of concern or illness.

With a holistic approach, besides the addiction itself, everything from emotional issues to physical ailments are explored. The goal of holistic therapy is to get at the root of the problem and to resolve each cause for concern found throughout the treatment. This is a comprehensive process that is very personalized. Each client has an individualized treatment plan designed exclusively according to his or her needs.

Individualized Process

The treatment process can vary from one individual to the next. The point is, with a holistic approach every client is treated as an individual. Even though there may be a room full of client with the same complaints, each of them arrived at their place in life from a different pathway. Given that, the treatment they receive will vary and their recovery will likely be different too.

A holistic approach can result in the discovery of repressed memories, which can be painful to deal with. This approach is also designed in a way to include spiritual support as well as to offer education and support for clients regarding re-entering family life and society in general. In other words, this approach takes the whole person into account.

In the holistic approach the patient or client is very much a part of the healing process. In order to get well he or she must be involved. It is much more than just taking a pill to get better. With Western medicine the doctor’s job is to diagnose the problem, prescribe the treatment, and the patient is supposed to comply. That’s the end of the story.

Of course that’s a simplified version, just to make a point of comparison. But the reality is, a holistic approach considers a person as a whole being – not just as a person with a sickness or ailment that needs a cure. This approach then works to cure every aspect that needs curing. Western medicine on the other hand, works best to find what the ailment is, then to find the best treatment available for that ailment.

When it comes to drug addictions, a holistic approach is ideal. Drug addictions can stem from countless problems. Getting at the root cause is the best way to find lasting recovery.

Western vs. Holistic

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