Vision Loss: Is Caffeine the Culprit?

January 11, 2013


Vision Loss

Vision Loss

Are you one of the many people who just can’t do without a nice cup of coffee to help you through the day? Many people use a cup of coffee to help wake them up in the mornings and put some “umph” into their day or to keep them up a bit longer so they can get some much needed work done. Whatever your reason for drinking your cup of coffee, this article will provide you with some vital information on the how caffeine affects your windows to the world – your eyes.

Evidence from a Study

A report published in the journal Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science relates that people who drink coffee may need to reconsider the amount they consume as a means of reducing the risk of developing loss of vision or blindness. This study was the first of that nature to be done in the US.

In his explanations of the findings, author of the study, Jae Hee Kang ScD, cited the relationship between the coffee drinking habits of the Scandinavian people and the high occurrences of exfoliation syndrome and glaucoma among their populace as an example. Scandinavians have the highest incidences of these eye conditions as well as the record of being the highest consumers of caffeinated coffee on a worldwide scale. Hee Kang went on to explain that a recent study done by the research group showed that people who consumed greater amounts of caffeinated coffee had an increased risk of developing primary open-angle glaucoma. The study was done as a means of ascertaining whether or not the “risk of exfoliation glaucoma or glaucoma suspect” is impacted by the consumption of coffee.

The meta-analysis from the research revealed that when compared to those participants who did not drink caffeinated coffee, those who had three or more cups of the beverage per day had a higher risk of developing the eye conditions (glaucoma exfoliation or glaucoma suspect). Women with a family history of glaucoma had a greater risk of developing the condition. No correlation was found between other caffeinated beverages such as chocolate, soda, tea or decaffeinated coffee.

What You Should Know About Caffeinated Coffee and Glaucoma

* Drinking caffeinated coffee may increase the incidence of exfoliation glaucoma, which in turn causes the pressure within the eye to rise high enough to cause damage to the optic nerve.

* Presumed exfoliation glaucoma can cause slight damage to your optic nerve.

* People who develop exfoliation syndrome could end up with open-angle glaucoma as well as angle-closure glaucoma because the condition often causes both conditions in the same individual.

* Not everyone with exfoliation syndrome develops glaucoma, but the risk of doing so is six times greater for them.

What Can Coffee Lovers Do?

* If you are a lover of caffeinated coffee the best advice you can be given if you wish to protect your eyesight is to cut down on your intake of caffeinated coffee.

* If you already have any of the conditions then the use of special glasses will make your life easier. People who use the pinhole glasses have reported having great improvements in their vision.

Take the time to learn more about the effects of your coffee drinking habits on your vision and take the necessary steps to protect that vision. Visit, to learn more about pinhole glasses.

Kelly Padmore has worked as a medical researcher in the field of vision loss for several years. She loves to share what she finds on the topic of eye health with others. To learn more about the causes of vision loss, visit this website.

Vision Loss: Is Caffeine the Culprit?

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Vision Loss


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