Vibration Plate Training

November 7, 2011

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Vibration Plate Training


Vibration Plate Training

Vibration Plate Training


Vibration plate training is a technique that was developed in the 70’s by Vladimir Nazarov a Russian scientist. He developed the technique in an effort to try and decrease muscle loss in astronauts in space. The method helped increase bone density and muscular strength of the astronauts thus reducing chances of bone fractures when they returned to earth. Nazarov also investigated the effects of vibration training on athletes and found significant increases in flexibility and strength in all athletes that had undergone vibration training.

Vibration Plate Training - How it works

The vibration plate exposes the whole body to vibration stimuli. The vibrations biomechanically stimulate the muscles resulting in what is known as a myotatic reflex which causes the muscles to stretch during training.  The extent of exercise depends on the strength (vibration force) of the machine. Intensity of exercise is determined by frequency, amplitude and magnitude of the vibrations. The group of muscles that will be worked out is determined by the direction of the vibrations.

Vibration Plate Training Machines


Vibration Plate Training Machines

Vibration Plate Training Machines


Vibration plate platforms are categorized as follows:

  1. High energy lineal: the direction of vibrations is upwards and these trigger very strong stretch reflexes.
  2. Premium speed pivotal: these are used for physiotherapy and are meant to produce milder stretch reflexes.
  3. Medium energy lineal: these are meant to produce lower vibrations and are used by persons that need slower results.
  4. Low speed pivotal: these are used for therapeutic purposes and can be used to prevent osteoporosis and improve blood circulation with limited focus on fitness.


Effects of Vibration Plate Training

  • Short term effects

Vibration training allows for the activation of more motor units and muscle fibers than is the case with conscious muscle contractions. Muscles will become stronger and more capable of producing more force as long as exercise is not too intense for performance will reduce due to fatigue. The rapid contracting and relaxing of muscles during vibration training pumps blood in blood vessels thus speeding blood flow and improving circulation.

  • Long term effects

Exercise Plates causes the body to adapt to load, which results in increased performance in explosive as well as endurance events.

Vibration Plate Training

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