Vegan Doesn’t Always Mean “Healthy”

March 14, 2013

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Vegan Doesn't Always Mean "Healthy"

Vegan Doesn’t Always Mean “Healthy”

Most of us believe that anything that comes from the vegetables is good for the health.

The vegetables are a source of different essential vitamins and minerals which are really essential for the normal growth and maintenance of our body. Having boiled or properly cooked vegetables can be a real healthy habit.

Staying healthy

In fact, a good diet is the basic of a good health and staying fit. If you can couple a proper diet with proper daily exercises, you are sure to feel more energetic and will successfully keep different ailments away. But the goodness of vegetables is not always carried to all the vegan products, so only being a vegan does not assure you a good health. In fact, you can’t always be healthy if you eat all those vegan products available in the market.

Vegetables in our diet

In fact, vegetables are good for our health and are easy digestible and contain low level of fat and high level of vitamins and minerals, thus makes a very good part in the diet chart. Vegetables are a must to be included into the regular diet.

The plant and animal proteins

We should keep in mind that the proteins that we get from the plant sources are second class proteins, but to get the first class proteins we need to rely on the animal sources. The second class proteins are obviously good for our health, but the first class proteins are necessary for the normal growth and energy. So, if you are habituated with a non-vegetarian food, it certainly is not at all healthy to switch to a total vegan food chart all together.

So you see, you can’t always be healthy only if you take all the vegan products. In fact, there are different vegan products in the market that can be a source of high calorie and fat. Here are a few common examples

  • The French fries: Though this is totally a vegan product, but the process of seasoning and frying the potatoes makes it a source of high calorie and fat.
  • The veggie chips: These chips are made from vegetable products but have no nutritional value other than high amount of calorie.
  • The black bean burgers: You might think a vegetable burger is a much healthy choice than a chicken burger, but that is not the case, in fact. A vegetable burger is made spicy with even more oil and spices which might not be that good for your health.
  • The vegetable nuggets: Most of us loves nuggets and believe these ones as one of the healthy products as these are vegan products, but the fact is the vegetable nuggets come with high amount of cheese which is certainly a source of high calorie and fat.


In fact, the list of unhealthy vegan foods just goes on and on. So before, you buy any product don’t go only by its vegan tag, you can’t always be healthy with the vegan products. You should consider the detailed constituents list of a product before you actually eat it. There are long lists of vegan products that are not good for health and can cause health issues if taken in a huge amount.

Vegan Doesn’t Always Mean “Healthy”

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