Vapor Cigarette Ratings: How to Make the Right Choice

March 25, 2013

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Vapor Cigarette

Vapor Cigarette

The puffs of smoke, having to find an ashtray to put your cigarette out in, the stench of smoke, and the tar that forms in your lungs and causes cancer are now all things of the past, thanks to electronic (vapor) cigarettes.  These cigarettes are an ideal alternative to those who enjoy smoking and do not necessarily want to quit, but do not want to keep inhaling the thousands of harmful chemicals and carcinogens that are found in typical tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are devices that contain liquid nicotine, which is heated in an atomizer to emit vapors that resemble the smoke of a conventional cigarette.  However, since there is no tobacco actually being used in these cigarettes, the harmful effects are less common when compared to their conventional counterparts.  Electronic cigarettes are smokeless, flameless, and odorless, and when users inhale, what they are actually inhaling is water vapor that the device creates.  When being inhaled, the electronic cigarette’s LED lit tip will glow orange, much like the ash of a regular cigarette, only without the chance of being burnt, and/or catching on fire.

Rave Reviews Vs. Negative Reviews From Critics

There are many vapor cigarette ratings that one can read when trying to decide if they should switch to electronic cigarettes.  These ratings can also be useful in trying to find the best brand, manufacturer, model, website, products, flavors, prices, etc.  Of course, it is important to also take some vapor cigarette ratings with a grain of salt, as it should be taken into consideration who the source is and what their stance on smoking is.  Obviously if somebody is not a smoker and wants to ban smoking, they are probably going to have negative things to say about vapor cigarettes no matter which way you look at it, so just try to keep this in mind when reading any online reviews or studies.

What To Look For In Ratings

When looking at vapor cigarette ratings or thinking about leaving a rating or review yourself, users often leave their vote, or opinion on several different factors including:

  • Customer service

  • Vapor quality

  • Accessories

  • Flavor choice

  • Flavor quality

  • Price

  • Final Rating

It is not hard to tell if a product or website is not worth the time or money, all you have to do is look at the majority of vapor cigarette ratings.  Chances are, if every customer has negative things to say, this is one company and product you want to steer clear of. On the other hand, if all of the reviews are good, you have probably made a wise choice.  You might be wondering, what do you do if the ratings are 50/50?  A good rule of thumb is to go with your instincts, and also to do a bit of extra research.  Trying searching for that company or product name in another online search, not directly from their website to dig a little more dirt and see if anything negative pops up.  If the reviews are still about 50/50, it is probably safe to proceed, or you might just want to keep looking for a company that has more positive feedback as they probably have the better product and service, than a company that has negative feedback or a mix of both good and bad reviews.

What Good Things Do People Have To Say About Vapor Cigarettes?

The following are just a few of the positive things smokers and some non-smokers have had to say about electronic cigarettes:

  • Affordable

  • Worth the money

  • Cheaper alternative to smoking tobacco products

  • Safer

  • More convenient

  • Better for you

  • No smoke odor on you, your clothes, house, car, etc.

  • No second hand smoke for your loved ones to deal with

  • No flame, safer alternative and no need for an ashtray or lighter

  • Can smoke anywhere, less restrictive than regular cigarettes

  • Lightweight and easy to carry around

  • No need to worry about breaking your cigarettes in half on accident just put your electronic cigarette together and get puffing.

  • Lots of flavors to choose from

  • More options: flavors, strengths, colors, components, etc.

  • User friendly

  • No more burn marks on your carpet or furniture

  • Easier to smoke when driving

  • No more having to stand outside in the cold to smoke, as there is no smoke, ash, or odor with electronic cigarettes

  • Easy to order online

What Bad Things Do People Have To Say About Vapor Cigarettes?

The following are just a few of the negative things smokers and non-smokers had to say about this product:

  • Not necessarily safer

  • Not enough research has been done to prove that they are healthier or safer for individuals

  • Still addictive because they contain nicotine

  • Does not help with smoking cessation

  • Expensive

  • Potential safety hazards if there is a glitch with the electronic device

  • Easier for children or teens to get a hold of


Where Is The Better Place To Shop?

When it comes to purchasing electronic cigarettes, you might be wondering if it’s better to shop for them online or in a retail store.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Online Shopping


  • Cheaper because you do not have to worry about paying state regulatory taxes that a retail store would charge you.

  • Larger selection of flavors and products

  • Don’t have to leave the house to buy

  • Can save more money, get great discounts, and socialize with other smokers in online forums

  • Don’t have to deal with browsing for products in a crowded store

  • Convenient

  • Delivered straight to your door


  • Having to wait for your products to ship

  • Possible problems with card charge: you could be charged twice, or there could be a problem with your order

  • Possible delays

  • Easier for children or teens to access and order

  • Possibility of order from a fraudulent service or a company with bad service or product

Shopping Retail


  • You get what you want now and don’t have to wait.

  • Face to face sale so you can ask questions, voice concerns

  • Can pay cash

  • Harder for teenagers and children to buy


  • State sales tax

  • Might not have what you’re looking for

  • Have to leave the house

  • Possibility of crowds and having to wait in line


Vapor Cigarette Ratings: How to Make the Right Choice

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Vapor Cigarette

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