How to Track Your Weight Loss Using Twitter

June 14, 2012

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How to Track Your Weight Loss Using Twitter

Twitter has been one of the most widely used social networking sites that help you communicate with other people. Twitter allows you to follow people you are interested in and also allows other people to follow you in return. Twitter’s main feature is allowing users to tweet to share to their followers what they are thinking, feeling or doing.

As technology and social networking sites advance, Twitter has been more than a social networking site. Twitter now also includes various apps and features that help you in your goals in life. One of these features is weight loss because Twitter can now be used for losing weight. In fact, tweeting up to 140 characters in Twitter helps you burn up to 50 calories. Aside from helping you burn calories as you enjoy tweeting, Twitter also has various ways to let you track your weight and this is through various Twitter apps for weight loss. To get you started in tracking your weight in Twitter, here are some of the most popular tracking apps for weight loss in Twitter:

  • Weight Loss Charts


Weight Loss Charts

Weight Loss Charts


Weight Loss Charts is a special app that uses charts to track your weight. You can use weight loss charts to send your weight daily to Twitter or through Google bot. Aside from tracking your weight, weight loss charts also informs you in case you forgot to tweet your weight for the day. You can reply to this note to tweet your weight for the day.


Weight Loss Chart

Weight Loss Chart


By alarming you on your weight, you become motivated in monitoring your weight and how many pounds have you lost. Track your weight by tweeting your current weight at @weightlosschart. You can check your weight in chart form at

  • Twackit

Twackit is another weight loss app for Twitter that helps you track your weight. In fact, Twackit is intended to track everything and weight loss is only one of them. Twackit is used by tweeting your weight using a hashtag that describes the one you want to track. An example of which is tweeting “130#WeightLoss” to @twackit. In this example, 130 is the weight and #WeightLoss is the hashtag to allow you to track your weight loss. Once you tweet to @twackit, the app stores your information using your username. It also records the date and time you made the tweet. After tweeting your weight, you can track your weight loss at the app’s website at


  • Everyday HEALTH Weight Loss

Weight loss by everyday HEALTH is another app on Twitter that can be used to track your weight. It also allows you to search various fitness tips and nutrition information on Twitter. Everyday HEALTH is available at or you can tweet your weight at @EverydayHealth.

  • Ugomo

Another weight loss tracking app on Twitter is Ugomo. Ugomo is a community driven fitness app that allows you to track your exercises and how much weight you lost. You can use Ugomo by tweeting @ugomo the hashtag and the numerical value of your data. Examples of hashtags include #walk, #bike, #weight, #run, and #swim. Tweeting #bike 30 min 8.2 miles @ugomo will store the data in the website that will help you retrieve the information for future use.


Using these free apps on Twitter, you don’t need to get expensive apps on your phone to track your weight. If you are fond of tweeting, then these Twitter apps will just add to your fun in posting your tweets online. Maximize the use of Twitter by using these worthwhile apps that will just help you lose and track your weight loss.


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How to Track Your Weight Loss Using Twitter

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