Tips For Sticking To Your Diet When Eating Out

April 20, 2011



There can be many temptations that make it difficult to maintain a strict diet plan and eating out is perhaps the worst. The amount and variety of delicious foods on offer when we go to a restaurant can make even an individual with strong will power forget all about their diet!

Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use to be able to enjoy eating out and still be able to stick to your diet.

To begin with you should stick to the healthiest options on the menu. Just because a meal is healthy and nutritious does not mean it will not be tasty. By choosing a vegetable dish when you eat out you may be able to experience foods that otherwise you may not have been able to. If you are served a salad then make sure it is not covered in fattening dressing as these will cause the calorie level to skyrocket – always be sure to ask for the dressing on the side.

Try to avoid bread. This can be difficult especially since you are probably hungry and the bread is usually placed on the table first.  But, bread can be very fattening so it’s best to save your calories for your main meal.

Ask for small portions. If you have been to the restaurant before you may know whether they are generous with the size of the meals that they serve. It may be worthwhile asking for a half portion or child’s meal. There is always the temptation to eat everything on our plate, especially if the price of the meal is high, self control is the key to any diet. Do not eat more than what you would normally do in your own home.

One tip that always works for me is to divide your meal in half right away and stick to only eating half of it.  This works even better if you can get a take home container with your meal and put half in it right away.  That way the second half of your meal is not staring up at you from the plate.  You can clean off the whole plate and not feel like you only got to eat half!

Skip dessert! Though your eyes and stomach may desire the dessert offerings, the result of one bowl of ice cream or piece of chocolate cake can undo many days worth of exercising. If there is an option of fruit salad then this can make a wonderful dessert. By consuming fruit you will also be providing your body with the essential vitamins needed for it to function correctly.

When we prepare food ourselves we can control the amount of oil we use in the process. When eating out we have less control. You can ask the waiter to tell the chef to use less cooking oil in the preparation of your meal. There may be an option of meals on the menu that are low in calories. If you are not sure then the waiter should be able to recommend a couple of options.

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