The Essence of Strength Training in Bodybuilding

June 14, 2012

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The Essence of Strength Training in Bodybuilding


Strength Training in Bodybuilding

Strength Training in Bodybuilding

People who want to lose weight focus on building muscles as large as they can by the use of various bodybuilding supplements. The goal of these people is to develop large muscles that will make them look stronger and tougher. However, bodybuilding is more than building muscles. It also involves strength training because large muscles do not serve their purpose without proper strength.

Strength training involves various exercises to help tone and build muscles as well as increasing their strength and endurance. The following show the importance of strength training in bodybuilding:

Building strength in muscles prevents loss of muscle.

When large muscles are not built through strength training, they are easily destroyed because large muscles that are not built by strength training basically consist of water and not lean muscle alone. The only way to build lean muscle is through proper diet and various strength training exercises.

Strength training enhances the functional ability of muscles.

Strong muscles perform their function effectively rather than simply large muscles. Bodybuilders want to build muscles for aesthetic purposes and for various reasons such as sports and others. Strength training helps in maximizing muscle growth since it also improves the functional ability of the muscles to bear weight and stress.

Strength training makes muscles healthier

Strength training also makes muscles healthier aside from making them grow larger. Strength training improves circulation to the muscles; thereby improving the nutrition for normal contraction and relaxation. This prevents muscle cramps that result from the imbalance of electrolytes in the muscles.

Since strength training is basic to building muscles, here are the various exercises that help you enhance your muscle strength:

Proper weight training

Proper weight training is one of the basic exercises that you can do to build muscles and strength. Start by using lighter weights and gradually increase the weight as you progress with your workouts. Make sure not to lift any weights heavier than you can because this may lead to rupture of the muscles. A gradual increase in weights helps to let your muscles adapt and eventually be able to carry heavier weights as you go on.

Body weight exercises

Body weight exercises are weight training exercises that utilize your own body weight. An example of which are push-ups, which allow you to carry your own body weight. There are a lot of body weight exercises that you can choose from. Body weight exercises enhance muscle strength, balance and endurance. People who are used to body weight exercises tend to be stronger and more coordinated.

Cardio workouts

Aside from building your skeletal muscles, your cardiovascular system also needs proper training. Cardio exercises help your heart adapt to bodybuilding and helps you increase your endurance in any exercise. Cardio workouts may include running, cycling, brisk walking, sprinting, and others.

Core Exercises

Core exercises are those that develop your inner core strength. Your core composes your back muscles, abdominal muscles, arms and legs. These muscle groups help you achieve balance and coordination. In addition, increasing your core strength also makes better muscles during body building. Core exercises may include side planking, front planking, and others.

Since strength training is essential for bodybuilding, you must incorporate it in your total workout to maximize your bodybuilding results. In addition, bodybuilding also requires various factors such as proper diet, the right amount of supplementation and proper training. All these factors should be taken into consideration because bodybuilding will not provide instant results, but requires proper discipline, attitude and patience until you reach your goals.


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The Essence of Strength Training in Bodybuilding

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