Stoma Supplies: Simple Steps to Manage Your Needs

February 18, 2013


It is now much easier for people living with a stoma to access the supplies they need. When a stoma patient leaves the hospital, they leave wearing a certain brand of product, but with the options that are available on the market there is no need to stick with that one brand. Upon leaving the hospital, your GP will write a prescription for your ostomy supplies. You cannot access your supplies without that prescription, but after that first time it will become a repeat prescription. There are two ways that UK residents living with a stoma can go about ordering their supplies.

Order Through Dispensing Appliance Contractor (DAC)

If you opt to place your order with DAC they will contact your GP to get your prescription. They will then have the order delivered to your home as an unmarked package. Inside your package you will find disposable bags and complementary wipes (dry and wet). DACs offer a very valuable service as they take on the task of getting your prescription from your GP, and for your convenience many of them will contact you every month to take your order. This saves you the hassle of contacting the surgery to get the prescription yourself and then going off to hunt down the products.

You can set up a delivery service with a DAC and have them take care of all your prescription needs on a monthly basis. All you’ll be required to do is accept your package. If they do not have a product on your prescription they will source it from a wholesaler who will supply the item even with short notice. DACs are usually integrated with the stoma product manufacturers, and those that are independent carry the products from all the manufacturers.

Getting the Prescription from the GP Yourself

If you opt to get your repeat prescription yourself you can use one of three methods – apply online, write to the GP or phone in to the surgery to request it. The online option is supported by most surgeries, and you can take the prescription to the chemist yourself or have the surgery forward it to him. The chemist will then order the products that are listed. Another option is to have the surgery send your prescription to any DAC or to the one of your preference. The DAC will then deliver the products to your home. DACs are professional in their service which includes providing Freepost envelopes for both the patients and surgeries which they use to send in the prescription. They may also cut the patient’s flanges to their size.

Your supplier will also be able to supply you with product samples. If you want to try out a new product or the same product from a different manufacturer feel free to ask for a sample. A diverse range of appliances are available on the market and your choices are limited only by your own preference. The products and services offered by both the manufacturers and DACs are meant to help an ostomate lead an easy and hassle free life.

Georgia Haskins has extensive experience in using a stoma and living an active lifestyle. She also enjoys sharing her insights and experiences through blogging. Check out the SecuriCare stoma care services online for more ideas.

Stoma Supplies: Simple Steps to Manage Your Needs

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