How to Stay Healthy as a Freshman in College

May 23, 2013

Healthy Life

Stay Healthy

Stay Healthy

It’s been proven time and time again that your first years of college leave little room to find the time and energy to stay healthy. But a healthy lifestyle is both crucially important and entirely within your reach. How? That’s an excellent question.

Eating right

To start with, you need to eat right. Anyone who has set foot on a college campus is probably ready with objections, with how much more studying can be done with a three-minute cup of ramen rather than the twenty to forty-five minutes it takes to make the average meal, but eating right will boost your immune system and your brainpower alike! First, always eat breakfast. It’s less about balancing your diet and more about putting something in your stomach so you don’t cave to hunger and overeat in the cafeteria between classes. On that note, don’t skip meals, and keep healthy snacks (fruit, cheese, veggies, etc) in the fridge to replace the chips and cookies on those late-night cramming sessions. And if for some reason you can’t fit a balanced meal into your afternoon, try picking up the slack with a protein shake or a liquid multivitamin.


This could be as simple as walking to and from class, but don’t stop there. Utilize the on-campus sports teams and fitness centers–that’s what they’re there for. On top of that, keep your room and the rest of your dorm clean. You may not realize it, but cleaning is actually a fantastic exercise too.


Get enough sleep. As tempting as it is to forfeit hours of shut-eye in favor of writing that essay or studying for that test, lack of sleep lowers both your health and your overall functioning capabilities. That information you crammed into your brain at 3 AM is going to fall right back out unless you have enough sleep to function the next day. And though it’s a much less frequent problem, too much sleep can cause sluggishness as well. All in all establish a sleep schedule and try to stick to it, even on the days when you don’t need to wake up for class. You’ll feel much healthier overall if you do.

Wash those hands

Wash your hands at every opportunity. If you thought high school was a germ-fest, consider this, in college, people need to be unable to stand up before they’ll take a sick day, for fear of missing information they’ll need for the test. So you’re surrounded in colds, or the flu, and in any other ailments you can think of. On that note, keep your dorm room and kitchen clean. Maybe even pick up some disinfectant wipes to rub down the counters. The more germs you can take down, the fewer germs that have the chance to take you down. Also, try adding yogurt or a liquid multivitamin to your diet to boost your immune system even more.

All in all, between the veggie snacks, the sleep, and the liquid multivitamin, you’re ready to brave Freshman year and come out a happy, healthy you.


How to Stay Healthy as a Freshman in College

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Stay Healthy

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