Soy- Food that increases the chance of losing libido

November 11, 2012

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Soy-Food that increases the chance of losing libido

Soy-Food that increases the chance of losing libido

When soy and other soy products came into the market for the first time, the expectation from this product was so high, people expected this food to decrease the chances of breast cancer, reducing the amount of cholesterol in blood, even lowering the effect of hot flashes etc. It was thought to be a miracle food but all these claims just came out to be nothing after a few researches, on the other hand researchers also found out that this food could contribute in putting your sexual health in danger as well, here in this article we will discuss about those bad effects that it could have on your libido and overall sexual health.

Those of you who might be thinking that you could simply avoid the risks just because you don’t consume soya beans directly, well just get to know the whole fact before your thought turns into a firm belief.

  • Soy protein isolate- It’s actually a dry powder ingredient which contains around 90-95% of protein and is almost free of fat and crabs, it can be found in protein shakes, protein bars, breakfast cereals, various type of sauces (soya sauce). So you see none of us is actually safe from the soy effect, it doesn’t matter if you are a vegetarian or not. Especially I would like to warn those body builders who take protein shakes and supplements to build more muscles, because their effort may cause some serious side effects like decreased libido or even erectile dysfunction.
  • Genetically modified soy- That’s right! Almost 95% of the soya beans raised in the USA are genetically modified which I think is the worst part of the story. These corps are genetically modified so that they can withstand the effect of heavy doses of herbicides but what effects it’s going to have on the human body(especially on the health of  your unborn child)?
  • How it can affect our sexual health- Like I said before, if you take protein supplements make sure that they don’t contain any soy ingredient. It has been seen that drugs like genistein and daidzein which could be found in soy and soy products can cause adverse side effects in men, there are mainly four types of side effects which  can be experienced  -
    • Decreased libido
    • Mood swings
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Reduced sperm count

It has been seen that these two drugs can increase the level of estrogen in the system which in turn can cause the above mentioned side effects.

  • Hormonal imbalance- People who eat genetically modified soya beans in large amount are most likely to experience hormonal imbalance, particularly in case of men it can turn their world upside down. There is a big chance that they can suffer from a condition called gynecomastia, it’s a condition in which abnormal development of mammary gland can be seen, along with that mood swing and emotional breakdown can make the whole situation worse than ever.
  • Backing up the myth ‘Soy is good’ – Corporate giants invested billions in establishing this thought in people’s mind that soy is actually good for health, so good that it can even fight against cancer cells, in order to back up this they hired researchers who then announced that Asians are less likely to suffer from uterine and prostate cancer as they keep soy in a large amount in their diet. However before believing in their theory one must know that genetically Asians are more resistant to cancer disease than any other human race, secondly they grow only fermented soy which has less harmful effect on our system.

So I can’t say that this is all about  the soy effects in a nut shell, as there are still researches  going on and we all are expecting more to come in the near future, but till date what we have found out is enough to make our choice as whether to keep it in our diet or not.

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Soy- Food that increases the chance of losing libido

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