Sleep Tips For New CPAP Machine Users

December 10, 2012

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CPAP Machine

CPAP Machine

If you’re new to CPAP therapy, you’re going to experience firsthand the difference you’ve heard others talking about in regards to sleep apnea treatment with CPAP machines and masks.  For some, however, getting to sleep while wearing a mask and listening to a machine hum can be difficult.  Here are some tips:

Your CPAP machine

If your machine makes too much noise, you have several options.  You can switch to a quieter machine such the ResMed S9 Elite, which features an enhanced Easy-Breathe motor that almost completely eliminates the noise coming from the unit.

Some who find the sound made by CPAP machines to be disturbing have no problem with a white noise machine.  Available online and in many department stores, these units emit an audible but steady sound that is designed to block out other sounds nearby.  This might be an option for you.

A third option is to simply let your system adjust to the new night time sound.  The human body is very adaptable to many “unusual” circumstances, and if given time, yours will likely not even pay attention to your machine before too long.

Your CPAP mask

When a person is uncomfortable, it’s always harder to fall asleep.  The CPAP Shop handles a very wide variety of makes and models of CPAP masks, and we know that not every mask fits every face.  If your mask is ill-fitting, we’ll be happy to help you choose one that will be more comfortable for you.

Other factors

Beyond noisy machines and uncomfortable masks, there are other factors that can hinder getting sleep.

Eating right before bed.  When food is in your stomach, your body produces energy to digest it.  This may be just enough to make falling asleep difficult.

Worries and stress.  Unless the mind is allowed to relax, it will keep the body up.  When you’re stressed, your brain signals your body to be up and on the alert.

Napping during the day.  Early in CPAP therapy, you may still be experiencing some daytime tiredness, but resist naps so you’ll be more apt to fall asleep easily at night.

Stimulation.  Horror movies and kickboxing practice probably aren’t best engaged in just before bed.  Aim for quiet, relaxing activities.

Doug Thomas is a freelance writer working with The CPAP Shop to provide useful information on sleep apnea.  The CPAP Shop is committed to providing the highest quality CPAP machines and masks and a full line of equipment and accessories for those with sleep apnea.  We understand that new patients sometimes need awhile to adjust to the new night time routines.

Sleep Tips For New CPAP Machine Users

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