How to Help Relieve the Symptoms of Cystitis

April 4, 2013

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Relieve the Symptoms of Cystitis

Relieve the Symptoms of Cystitis

Cystitis is a common problem which can cause discomfort for both men and women on a regular basis. Cystitis is a urinary tract or bladder infection which can cause particular discomfort during urination. The infection is typically caused by the transferral of bacteria, often as the result of sexual activity – although this is not the only cause.

Whatever the cause, the majority of women will experience cystitis at some period in their life. Those going through menopause are at higher risk, as are pregnant women and those who are sexually active. Here, we’ll take a look at the best ways to help relieve the infection.

Reducing acidity in urine

One of the main symptoms of cystitis is pain during urination. In order to help ease this pain, it can be beneficial to reduce the level of acid in your urine. This should help to relieve the burning sensation which can be uncomfortable. There are a number of products available on the market which can be acquired without prescription to help in this way. While this does not treat the infection itself it can be a huge relief of the pain which is experienced by the sufferer.

Abstain from sex

Regardless of whether or not sexual activity has been identified as the cause of your cystitis, it is advisable to abstain from sexual activity until the infection has cleared. Sexual intercourse can make cystitis worse and slow the natural healing process, so it’s wise to abstain until you feel better.

Drink cranberry juice

While many sufferers of cystitis choose to drink cranberry juice in the hope of relieving the pain caused by a cystitis infection, it is not medically proven to do so. However, many people believe that cranberry juice can be an effective means of preventing an outbreak in somebody who often suffers from the condition.


Antibiotics may be prescribed by your doctor in serious cases of cystitis. If you find yourself becoming infected on a regular basis and are not getting relief from over the counter medication, it is advisable to discuss this option. A trained professional will be able to offer you advice on your next steps, regarding both treatment and prevention in the future.

Male treatment

It is worth pointing out at this stage that while cystitis is far more common among women, it can also affect men. Men and children experiencing cystitis should seek professional medical attention as the causes can be considerably more complex and may indicate wider problems.

How to Help Relieve the Symptoms of Cystitis

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