10 Ways To Get Active And Reduce Your Cancer Risk

February 1, 2013


Get Active And Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Get Active And Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Cancer is one of those horrible things that nobody sees coming, but when it hits can drastically change your life. Regardless of the prognosis, anyone with cancer will likely say they wish they could have avoided such a fate. In retrospect, there is no better way than being active. For those that fear cancer could be on the horizon, here are 10 ways to get active, and subsequently reduce your risk of some cancers.

Take a Hike

The health benefits of hiking are something that can surely fight off the potential risk of cancer. In fact, for such health to last, the CDC recommends adults get at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise five days out of the week, which hiking will most certainly satisfy.

Strength Train

Strength training is an invaluable form of exercise that has many benefits, including a lower risk of lymphedema related to breast cancer. What’s more, the American Council on Exercise recently reported that studies have shown strength training to lower such risks by upwards of 35 percent. In addition, some diagnosed with lymph node cancer have found that weight training decreased their risk of relapse by 70 percent.

Go for a Bike Ride

Biking is another great form of exercise that has shown physiological results relating to cancer prevention. With the versatile range of exertion on a bike you can exercise on your terms while covering some serious pavement in the process.

Walk Around

Going for a walk around your neighborhood is about as basic as exercise gets. Even better, the health benefits are also effective in reducing the risk of cancer.

Find Some Playtime

Especially for those with small children, keeping up alone can be considered exercise. Believe it or not, playing tag with a young one in your backyard can constitute great health benefits, including cancer prevention.

Browse YouTube

While YouTube is certainly fluttered with an array of many different videos, it’s undoubtedly a mecca for exercise routines and demonstrations as well. Best of all, the great workouts are usually free.

Laugh it up

A recent NY Times blog post described a study done at Oxford University which found laughing to be a legitimate form of exercise due to the rapid inhaling and exhaling of oxygen. So, next time someone tells a funny joke, don’t be afraid to really let loose, it may just better your health.

Take a Class

From boot camps to Zumba, these sweat-inducing modes of exercise are as efficient as exercise gets, leading to many great health benefits including cancer prevention.


Yoga, Pilates, and even simple stretching have been proven to boost your health enough to reduce the risk of cancer.


Swimming is one of the best low-impact forms of exercise and its physiological effects are also noted for reducing certain cancer risks.

With so many forms of cancer running rampant these days, it’s no wonder people are trying so eagerly to reduce their risk of getting it. Whether you decide to hike in nature, take a group fitness class, or simply play tag with your child, have comfort in knowing that your decision to get active is also reducing your risk of getting certain cancers.

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10 Ways To Get Active And Reduce Your Cancer Risk

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