The problem of hair loss faced by young men

November 9, 2012


Pattern for male pattern baldness

Pattern for male pattern baldness

There are many men who suffer from the condition of male pattern baldness, also referred to as androgenic alopecia. This condition has nothing to do with age since even young men start experiencing a gradual receding hairline if they are genetically sensitive. Male pattern baldness is a condition in which there is shedding of hairs from the crown and temples, leaving hair only at the sides and the back of scalp. The crown and the temple meet in the middle, forming a horse shoe shape and a bald patch. Men should have detailed information about hair loss and its treatments so that they can stop the premature appearance of a bald patch.

To start with, you should avoid using excessive chemical gel, shampoos and cream on your head as it may trigger more loss of hair. You can make use of organic herbal products for getting better results. You need to avoid consuming extra non-soluble vitamins since they are known to affect your hair follicles. It is better to have a gentle scalp massage every day for ten minutes as it greatly stimulates blood circulation and thus hair growth. There are many underlying health conditions, which disturb your hair follicles, such as diabetes or lupus. You can also experience hair loss due to stress, lack of sleep, side effect of some medication, poor diet or hormonal imbalance.

The major reason behind male pattern baldness is the excess presence of a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. It is derived from the male hormone testosterone present in body. Testosterone gets transformed to DHT with the help of an enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase. When DHT is produced in abundance in body, it can cause shrinking of hair follicles. After some time, the hair follicles shrink with an intensity that the growth of hair stops completely. The good news is that you can take propecia finasteride to prevent hair loss in just a few months.

How Propecia treat baldness
Propecia is a prescription medication, which has the potential to treat hair loss and male pattern baldness effectively. This medication has also stimulated the growth of new hair in many men. Finasteride is the active ingredient of this medication, which acts as a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, resulting in inhibiting the conversion of testosterone into DHT. Therefore, the shrinking of hair follicles is prevented successfully which does not happen when DHT is produced in the body. It can be purchased in only one dosage strength of 1mg, and you should take one tablet every day till the time the doctor asks you to discontinue the treatment.

Propecia medication can cause some serious side effects if you take it without consulting a licensed doctor, as its ingredient might not be suitable for everyone. The potential side effects are itching, pain in the testicular area, rash, decrease in semen production, swelling of lips or face, ejaculation problems, erectile problems and a decrease in sex drive. These side effects mostly pass away when you stop taking the medication. You can know more about baldness and have an online diagnosis at, a certified online clinic.

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The problem of hair loss faced by young men

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