What is in Store for the Second Trimester

February 24, 2012


What is in Store for the Second Trimester


What is in Store for the Second Trimester

What is in Store for the Second Trimester


The second trimester is from week 13 to week 27 of your pregnancy. This is the trimester where you will get an unmistakable “belly”, feel the baby move inside of you, and maybe get that ultra sound that tells you if your nursery is to be pink or blue. Knowing what is happening in your pregnancy week by week can make it easier to endure the 40 long weeks of carrying your baby inside you.

What’s Happening with Baby?

Quietly tucked away in your womb, baby is not just growing limbs, bones, and internal organs, some bodily functions are starting to happen. For example, around the 13th week urine begins to form and is discharged into the amniotic fluid. The skeleton is developing and by the 15th week should be visible in an ultra sound. The baby’s gender can often be seen at this time, though not always.

Baby’s learning some tricks too, like how to suck, and how to move his or her little limbs. By the 18th week baby begins to hear. So, this is the time to introduce him or her to your favorite music artists. Baby is also starting to plump up, storing fat underneath the skin. Something called vernix caseosa will start to form in the 17th week. This is a coating that covers the baby to protect his or her delicate skin.

You are Half Way There

At 20 weeks, good news, you are half way through your pregnancy. By now you can probably feel definite movement, and even feel the shape of your baby. By the 21st week baby is much more active. Hair starts to grow, and a very fine hair called lanugo covers the baby from head to toe. The vernix clings to the lanugo to protect the skin. At the 23rd week baby will have its own little footprint and fingerprint. Baby will start to have definite periods of sleeping and waking.

By 25 weeks, you can start to connect with your baby by talking to him or her, and feeling their movements in response. This doesn’t happen every time you talk to baby, but it is not uncommon.

As you come to the end of your second trimester, your baby will have hair, fingernails and toenails, and a maturing lung and nervous system. He or she may weigh over 2lbs by now, and be more than 9 inches long.


What is in Store for the Second Trimester

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