Phosphorus Foods Help Fight Aging

April 21, 2011

Minerals, Phosphorus

This particular mineral is abundant in the body and around 85% is found mainly in the bones and teeth, the rest is found in your blood, cells, various organs and muscles.

The main purpose of phosphorus is helping build strong teeth and bones, repair cells and tissue, kidney function, heart muscle contraction, maintain regularity of the heart, help the body with absorption of  nutrients and vitamins and help to convert food into energy.

A deficiency of phosphorus can cause many health problems such as; tooth decay, fatigue, anxiety and stress, irregular breathing, numbness, weight loss and skin sensitivity.

Drinking too much coffee, magnesium, antacids containing aluminium, and iron may cause a phosphorus deficiency.

The good news is your kidneys help to maintain an adequate amount of phosphorus in the body.

Phosphorus Benefits

maintain heart regularity
provide energy
aid in metabolism of fats and carbohydrates
help reduce pain of arthritis
formation of tooth enamel and healthy gums
strong bones

High Phosphorus Foods

sesame seeds
dried fruit
hard cheese
nutsphosphorus foods 300×199 Phosphorus Foods Help Fight Aging
red meat
whole grain bread
pumpkin seeds
salmon/canned fish
wheat bran
wheat germ
chia seeds

People who suffer from a kidney disease are advised to have a low phosphorus diet.  It is the kidneys job to help regulate the level of phosphorus in the blood and if your kidneys are not working properly, this does not happen and you end up with too much phosphorus which decreases calcium in the body and can lead to other problems such as, bone disease.

The father of my two children had a kidney disease (he has since had a kidney transplant, before the transplant he was advised to have a low phosphorus diet by including low phosphorus foods.  He used to soak vegetables for at least 1/2 hour to help release the phosphorus in them.

Although, fruits and vegetables actually contain a very small amount of phosphorus.

Phosphorus is toxic in large doses, so there probably isn’t any need to take a phosphorus supplement unless you are advised to do so.  Any excess phosphorus is excreted by your body and if you have a healthy diet then a supplement is really not needed.

If you are taking supplements check to see if any contain phosphorous, I take wheatgrass in powdered form and it contains phosphorous.

It is unusual to have a deficiency as it is readily available in food.

Taken in excess can cause diarrhea and hardening of organs.

Eating phosphorus foods daily will ensure you get the adequate amount needed to maintain a healthy body and looking younger!

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Phosphorus Foods Help Fight Aging

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