Does Your Partner Make you Plump?

November 29, 2011

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Does Your Partner Make you Plump?



Does Your Partner Make you Plump?

Does Your Partner Make you Plump?

There is nothing better and wanted than the warmth, the tender glance and the understanding you get in a relationship. To be a part of a couple is good for your mood and spirit, but very often it is bad for your waist.

The feeling of comfort with the man next to you sometimes leads to gaining weight. A study shows that relationships are the reason for a lady to gain about 4.5 kg.

In case that your boyfriend intentionally sabotages your good shape, you can delicately ignore his intentions, without ruing your relationship. Here are some frequent issues and some good advices for avoiding them.


There is no time for exercises and sport

Very often you have to choose between spending your spare time with the guy you love or at the gym… It is not a surprise that the gym comes second right after your love when you start a serious relationship. There is a solution to the problem – just make the rare training heavy enough so you can have quicker results and more time with your boyfriend.


You eat big portions as your partner

You can be easily misled to share the huge portions of your boyfriend. Men need from 500 to 1500 calories more than women. As a result it is quite possible your boyfriend to feel comfortable while your jeans cannot fit you. Experts recommend to ladies to consume ? less food than their partners. A good tip is to use smaller plates for your portions so when you fill them up they would look tasty as the big ones.


Tasty romantic dinners

A luxury restaurant or a romantic dinner at home – a little of these pleasures from time to time are good for you. But when overeating and rich dinners turn to a habit, it is time to think about it very carefully.

Studies show that the romantic atmosphere predisposes you not only to relaxation, but also to overeat.

A good advice for this problem can be at least to remove the bread from your dinner menu. You can also try not to have a glass of wine instead of a bottle. Instead of having 3 dishes for dinner, you can limit them and have no more than 2. If you cannot resist to the dessert, share it your partner.


He throws temptation in your way

This does not mean that he necessarily puts a cookie in your mouth. The time spent with him just weakens your will. In addition, his flat is always full of chips, pop-corn and cakes that you cannot resist.

Studies show that 70 % of women are not supported in their attempts to lose weight by their partners. This does not mean that men are reckless or selfish – they just do not seem to find a better way to cheer you up than sweets and delicacies or regular dinners in restaurants.

You should talk to your partner about the way he can help you in your weight loss diet. As a start, he can take you out for a walk regularly and hide all the table luxuries from you. And you can choose between many proper diets for a healthy lifestyle in our site.


Does Your Partner Make you Plump?


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