Office Diets: How to Encourage Employees to Eat Better

November 23, 2012


Office Diets

Office Diets

The health of the employees of an organization is as much a concern to the employer as it is to the employee. It is becoming increasingly clear to employers that they need to help their employees live healthier lifestyles, both at and outside of work. Some companies have now implemented dieting plans that are offered as an extra benefit in the workplace. This post will focus on easy ways to encourage healthier food consumption at work.

1. Set up a Kitchen

Easy access to a kitchen that is equipped with a refrigerator and microwave can help motivate employees to prepare healthy meals. Getting up and taking a break to quickly prepare a healthy meal as opposed to going off to eat out for lunch will greatly benefit the employees. It provides them with a little exercise at the end of which they come away with a healthy meal to consume.

2. Start an Eat Healthy Competition

Small competitions in the workplace are always a good way of having fun and relieving stress. The same can be done to encourage healthy eating among employees. This will allow them to build support groups which will help them to keep each other on their toes. The competition could dictate a range of food items allowed as a part of each day’s diet. Employees will then formulate a sumptuous meal from the items that are allowed and this must be pre-prepped at home or done in the office kitchen. The person or team that comes up with the most popular combinations throughout the competition becomes the winner.

3. Replace Vending Machine Items with Healthy Options Such as Fruits and Healthy Snack Bars

It is ok for employees to snack in between meals, but the options must be healthy snack items. Replace sweet and salty snacks with fruits such as apples, salads, natural juices and sandwiches. The foods in a vending machine are usually are usually just empty calories that are not filling and only cause the individual to eat more and more. Consider partnering with a local food store to supply your office/health machine with a supply of fresh fruits and even fruit salads each day.

4. Encouraging Exercise Through the Setup of the Workspace Helps Build a Healthy Appetite

Even a small amount of exercise during the day is helpful for maintaining health and building a healthy appetite. While some people over indulge, some of us under eat. A work place that is set up to require some energy burning will naturally cause us to be hungry. When we are stressed the feel good hormones known as serotonin and dopamine become blocked. When we get up and move, these hormones are released, which helps us to feel better. Going up and down a flight of stairs is a great way for employees to get in some exercise while they work. As little as seven minutes walking up or down the stairs will help to build a good appetite while at the same time reducing the risk of heart disease.



Guest post contributed by Neil Mikkelson on behalf of Neil is a freelance writer and independent nutrition researcher. His articles mainly appear in health and wellbeing blogs. Learn more about the benefits of fruit for your business.

Office Diets: How to Encourage Employees to Eat Better

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Office Diets

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