Different Causes of Occurrence of Premature Gray Hair

April 19, 2013

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Premature Gray Hair

Premature Gray Hair

Everyone would wonder about grey hair at some point of life. Why would grey hair come when you do not expect them? No matter how grey your hair turns, there is always a solution of coloring out hair. There are many gray hair careproducts available in the market or check with your dermatologists for a better solution. But still, people worry about grey hair in early years. Following are the major causes for premature grey hair.


This is the age of fast food, where people prefer convenience, and compromise on nutrition. It is not at all a surprise that our bad diets are the main cause for premature grey hair. Researchers have found out that nutritionrich in calcium and amino acids helps in promoting melanogenesis. This helps in producing melanin pigment in our body, which is needed for hair saturated color.


The condition of skin and hair losing its pigmentation is caused by vitiligo.

Vitiligo occurs due to decrease in melanin and amino acid production in our body that are responsible for skin and hair pigmentation. When there is a decrease in melanin production in our body, this causes the hair to lose its pigmentation, which is required for hair color. When there is no melanin production, the hair follicles, which grow up, would have no color and so hair would not have natural appearance.

B12 and Folic Acid

People suffering from Vitiligoneed to include B12 and folic acid in their dailydiet or take them through oral supplements.  This helps in re-pigmentation and hair starts getting back its natural color.


With the increasing risk of heart disease, cancer, kidney failure and many others, smoking would also affect the hair. Smoking causes premature graying of hair. As per a study of in 1997 in England, smokers are likely to be more affected by premature graying of hair than non-smokers. It is one more reason for smokers to quit smoking.

Tooth Whitening Products

Tooth whitening products are costlier than tooth paste, but they can be even costlier for your hair since they affect your hair color too. Increased used of hydrogen peroxide would be the cause for the death of melanocyte in our body, which is required for your hair color. A study has proved that a small amount of hydrogen peroxide can cause decrease in melanocyte. The main ingredient of tooth whitening products is hydrogen peroxide, so you can imagine the end result of constant usage of such products on your hair!


Everyone knows that damage of skin occurs due to free radicals in environment pollution. But, this also affects your hair color too. The molecules in the radicals would bind in our healthy cells and cause damage to our valuable electrons. If you do not check them, then they will affect the immune system and may cause damage to melanin production, which keeps hair strong, pigmented, and healthy.


Graying of hair is also caused by genetic problems. If your parents or grandparents started getting grey hair at a certain age, then the same may apply to you too. At the same time and age, even you may start getting grey hair. Researchers have found that genetics play a very important role in graying of hair.

Hair Products

Hydrogen peroxide, which is found in tooth whitening products, is found in hair care products as well. The main hair damaging substance includes dyes, shampoos, bleaches, and conditioners. Before purchasing any hair care product, do not forget to check the hydrogen peroxide level in the products, which contribute mainly for graying of hair.

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Different Causes of Occurrence of Premature Gray Hair

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