Obese Children Who Lose Weight May Reduce Adult Health Risks

June 6, 2012

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Obese Children Who Lose Weight May Reduce Adult Health Risks


Obese Children

Obese Children


With the rise of processed foods, fast foods and other unhealthy foods and beverages, there has been an increase in the incidence of obesity even among children all over the world. Four to five decades ago, obesity is only seen in adults and children who develop obesity may only develop it as a result of hormonal problems. However, during the present times, we see obese children everywhere and we were so fascinated in them because they look huggable and cute. However, children who are overweight and obese usually have poorer health outcomes during adulthood. In fact, obese children have increased risk for obesity-related diseases such a hypertension, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

In a new study conducted by the Menzies Research Institute and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, it was found that children who start losing weight early may reverse the dangers in their health, although it is never too late to shed those extra pounds even later in life.

The research involved more than 6328 obese children who were observed and studied for a period of 23 years in average. The children were divided into four categories:

  1. Normal weight children who were not obese in adulthood
  2. Overweight or obese children who were not obese in adulthood
  3. Overweight or obese children who were obese in adulthood
  4. Normal weight children who were obese in adulthood

The meta-analysis revealed that overweight children have risk for certain diseases such as high cholesterol levels, diabetes type 2, and high blood pressure. However, the study also revealed that children who were obese or overweight in childhood and maintained a normal weight in adulthood had lesser risk for these diseases, which is similar to those who have normal weight in childhood and adulthood.

It was also found that adults who are obese, regardless of their weight in their childhood have 4 times higher risk for these lifestyle related diseases as compared to adults who have normal weight, but obese in childhood.

The results of the study open the minds of parents and caregivers to start motivating their kids to lose weight when they are overweight or obese to lessen their health risk during adulthood. However, Professor Terry Dwyer or MCRI warned that only few children are able to lose their weight eventually and up to 82% of children who are obese remain to be obese or overweight until adulthood. In this light, preventing obesity in children is still the best option to ensure better health outcomes during adulthood.

Parents should be alarmed with the lifestyle of their children that may contribute to weight gaining in childhood. In order to prevent childhood obesity, parents should ensure the following:

  • Encourage their children to move up and exercise.

Video games are good to stimulate the mind of children, but doing these literally when they are at home is one of the common causes of childhood obesity. Instead of buying those high technology gadgets, give your children sports equipment and encourage them to play outdoors.

  • Avoid giving your children fast foods

Children love fast foods, but it is better to prepare them meals at home that do not contain excess fats, salt and calories.

  • Never keep your pantry full of junks

Avoid buying processed foods and junk foods; instead, buy fresh fruits as your children’s snacks.

  • Be a role model

Children always follow older people so if you want your children to engage in a healthy lifestyle, you must also be able to show them that you are also practicing one.

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Obese Children Who Lose Weight May Reduce Adult Health Risks

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Obese Children

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