How Obama care raises health care standards for pregnant women?

February 19, 2013

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Inclusion of a new member in the family is the best time for all parents. However one must be prepared for the expenses that one has to incur with the birth of a new child. When one is expecting a new baby, it is likely that the expenses may run into high costs- whether it is for monthly check ups, regular medicines, regular ultra-sonography, and prenatal as well as post natal care. One has to pay a large amount on the medical bills that doctors will burden on you. This is the time when you would heave a sigh of relief if you are insured by health insurance. Insurance is helpful for both the baby as well as the mother.

Pregnancy has always been termed as unimportant by the health industry

Though pregnancy is considered as one of the most important scheduled events in the world the health care industry is negligent when it comes to child birth. Pregnancy is not considered something which can be medically insured and the insurers refuse to cover expenses related to the birth of a child. However, sometimes some insurers cover the costs taking an extravagant rate of interest.

What Obama care promises     

Keeping these in mind Obama care has initiated a program where all women gets maximum benefits related to health care services. These benefits include free visitations charges to the doctors, requirements shielding women from discrimination of gender, and addressing to all women health issues. Obama care has introduced number of benefits for pregnant women as well as women who are suffering from other diseases. They are as follows:

  • Woman all across America will have an advantageous position in the Obama care act where they will be covered by the health insurance companies.
  • Doctor’s visitation would be free for certain class of women.
  • Counseling of HIV for woman who are sexually active
  • Counselling on contraceptive methods
  • Counselling on the techniques of breast feeding
  • Gestational diabetes screening that lends a helping hand to protect pregnant women serious diseases during pregnancies.

How it helps pregnant women

Pregnancy related conditions have also been included in the Obama care better known as “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”. This act tries to reduce the costs for pregnant women.

  • Importance of health insurance plans will also include pregnancy in its scheme like regular tests, doctor’s visit, screenings, and supplements that are required at the time of pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy will not be termed as a pre-existing circumstance. Thus it would be covered under individual as well as employee plans.
  • The Pregnancy Assistance Fund (PAF) will be commenced to finance all kinds of support services as well as programs all across USA like counselling young parents, educating hem and teaching them more about family planning.
  • Health care will also cover health requirements of children including oral care and vision care.
  • Individual as well as group insurances will be extending the insurance coverage for babies as well as children under 29 and is not allowed to eliminate them on the basis of health.

The health care has also included pregnancy tests and all kinds of costs associated to pregnancy in the insurance plans of people working in private companies.

With the introduction of the new Obama care plans, newly appointed parents will heave a sigh of relief and parents can plan families without much ado about nothing!


How Obama care raises health care standards for pregnant women?

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