How Can Natural Products Help Improve My Skin Care

March 6, 2013


Natural Products

Natural Products

There are many natural health products that can help to improve skin care. As well as the general benefits offered by natural skin care products, which can include the use of less preservatives and other artificial ingredients, and more organic treatment, there are some particular extracts and supplements that can be effective; these include Manuka Honey and bee propolis. When selecting natural products to help improve your skin care, it’s also worth looking into the benefits of olive leaf extract for helping to cleanse and maintain healthy skin.

In terms of the general benefits associated with natural skin care remedies, treatments tend to rely on traditional plant extracts, essential oils, and other ingredients that have antibacterial and antiseptic treatments that help your skin to fight infection, while also soothing irritation. Moreover, natural skin care products can have strong anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to prevent break outs, while also being hypo-allergenic, and capable of preventing the damage caused by synthetic skin care ingredients like mercury and polyethylene.

Natural sin care products can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and help to moisturise your skin by containing emulsifiers, emollients, and other ingredients that work to remove dead skin and keep skin supple. These kinds of effects are particularly useful during the colder Winter months, when you need a skin care regime that can stand up to dry weather. Extracts and creams that use sesame oil, wheat germ oil, and almond oils, can also be effective at moisturising your skin.

Manuka Honey Skincare

If looking for more specific skin care products, it’s worth considering the benefits of Manuka Honey skincare. Manuka Honey is extracted from bee pollen and Manuka bushes in New Zealand, and has active ingredients that can have positive effects on your skin. These effects include using trace amounts of hydrogen peroxide to produce antibacterial and antimicrobial effects; these can fight the spread of skin infections and irritations, and can be used to treat cold sores, gum infections, and fungal infections such as Athlete’s Foot.


Alternatively, you can experiment with bee propolis, which has similar appeals to Manuka Honey. Propolis is an extract derived from bee hive resin, and has strong antibacterial properties that help the skin to fight infections and repair wounds. Particularly effective at dealing with ulcers, warts, and gum disease, Propolis beeswax can also be used to help boost cholesterol levels, and can fight the spread of plaque in the mouth.

Olive Leaf Extract

Another natural skin care remedy that’s worth looking into is olive leaf extract. Very effective at moisturising your skin, olive leaf extract is similar to olive oil, in that it soothes and cleanses the skin without using abrasive chemicals. Chemical ingredients such as hydroxytyrosol, or Olivir, are ideal for treating sensitive skin, and work as a natural emollient. Olive leaf extract can also be used, in this way, to treat dry scalps, as well as dry skin and psoriasis. The treatment can be taken as part of a cream, or crushed and used as an extract in tea.

Mary is a beauty therapist and recommends you buy Manuka Honey to help improve the condition of your skin.  She enjoys spreading the word on health and beauty techniques from the past and present with anyone willing to listen!

How Can Natural Products Help Improve My Skin Care

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Natural Products

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