Natural & Organic Skin Care – Not Always Non-Toxic!

March 30, 2013

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Organic Skin Care

Organic Skin Care

You must have oftentimes come across cosmetics that have the tag of “pure and natural” on it. But have you ever thought if it really is? It has been observed that there are many skin care products in the US that have the label of “pure” but in reality, it is full of petrochemicals and other synthetic substances that are used as ingredients.

Regulations on cosmetics

As far as regulations pertaining to the cosmetic industry in the US are concerned, there are several laws that allow cosmetic majors to use chemicals generously without carrying out any testing or monitoring of health. Surprisingly, cosmetics are one category of products that are least subjected to regulations.

According to Federal Legislation, the existing cosmetic laws’ origin can be traced back to the year 1938. However, every effort is being made to implement Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act 2013. Even the FDA does not look into issues related to cosmetic regulations and before these products are launched in the market. In fact, it has been noted that currently, there are no legal standards pertaining to use of ingredients in the natural and organic personal care products. Also there are many cosmetic categories that use 1,4-dioxane, a carcinogenic substance.

Are you using toxic skin care products?

While using cosmetics, very few of us actually think that we are not following a non-toxic skin care regime. And at the end of the day, we use piles of cosmetics that contain toxic substances. There are very few cosmetic companies that use genuine organic and natural skin care products. There is one brand, however, that you can bank upon for your natural and organic skin care products, which you will find by visiting the webpage

Given below are a few ingredients that are widely used in cosmetics, and ones which you would be smart to avoid. These include the following-

  • Phthalates – They may be present in cosmetics in form of Dibutyl or Diethy substances. These are mainly used in hair sprays, perfumes, and nail paints. It has been recognized as one of the ingredients that can cause health issues.

  • Parabens -These substances cause irritation and regarded as toxic. They are used as cosmetic preservatives

  • Diethanolamine and Triethanolamine – These substances help in stabilizing the pH of a product. They cause the foaming action in cleansers. They are toxic.

Aside from the above, there are other ingredients that are considered harmful for the skin.

Natural & Organic Skin Care – Not Always Non-Toxic!

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