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April 20, 2011


Most people understand the simple concept that multivitamins are good for you, but not everyone understands the why or what behind what exactly is contained within that tiny pill. Multivitamins are a well-designed balance of nutrients that make a perfect companion to a good diet to ensure a healthy and happy life.

  1. Supplement Not Replacement

    • Multivitamins are simply a supplement and not a replacement. Taking vitamins will not compensate for a body’s deficiency in vitamin and minerals due to poor diet lacking vegetables, fruits and fiber. Multivitamins should only be taken as a second-opinion to a healthy lifestyle.

    Perfect Balance

    • It is better to take a multivitamin over a lot of singular vitamins. Multivitamins are formulated with a precise balance of vitamins that work well in conjunction with each other. Taking a group of single vitamins together can lead to undesired dosings of certain vitamins, which may lead to deficiencies of other vitamins or minerals, a multivitamin removes the guesswork and uncertainty.

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

    • While multivitamins pack an excellent blend of essential vitamins and nutrients, due to the sheer mass and density of calcium and magnesium it is impossible to fit a full recommended daily dose of either into the small size of a multivitamin. In order to achieve the recommended dose, it is essential to take a separate supplement.

    Too Much of A Good Thing

    • Minerals in multivitamins when taken in large doses can sometimes cause adverse side affects. Such side effects include stomach bleeding, an increase of urination, irregular heart beat, muscles feeling limp or weak and tooth staining. These side effects are not the norm, but in order to prevent such cases, it is important to follow the doses on the labels and not go over the daily allotment.

    Better Safe Than Sorry

    • There is no conclusive proof that multivitamins are in fact an essential supplement to ones health or lifestyle. The New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association, while neither had any firm conclusions of the benefits of multivitamins, both confirmed that adding a multivitamin to your daily regime was a good investment and worth the few dollars needed to purchase the supplement as most people don’t achieve the recommended daily intake of vitamin levels.

    Reduce Stress, Fatigue and Cancer

    • A decent multivitamin should be rich in anti-oxidants and B vitamins. The mixture of B vitamins helps reduce stress, reduce heart disease risk and reduce fatigue. Anti-oxidants slow the oxidation of molecules which can cause free radicals that damage cells causing accelerated aging, weaker immune system and an increase of cancer. A proper blend of anti-oxidants within a multivitamin help fight those adverse effects.

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