How Your Medical insurance Can Organically Help You

April 7, 2013


Far from what you could believe, your health is not a matter that  only interests yourself. Your family and friends use to be pending of  your health and rejoice to find you healthy and full of life. However, what you may not know is that many times your medical insurance company  can also be looking after you, trying to care for your health, because  remember that preventing is better than cure, and for them preventing  means saving the money they would have to pay if you become ill.

Selecting an Organic Health Insurance Plan

When you shop around for a health insurance policy your may find  different types of coverage, but you can also realize that some companies condition the purchase of a health insurance plan to a certain lifestyle that has to be adopted in order to get the benefits of the policy. From stopping drinking and smoking, to making changes to your diet or the environment where you live, the condition may vary greatly from one insurer to another, and from one policy to another one, as does life insurance.

Organic Insurance Is Good for Your Pocket

While many people may consider organic medical insurance as an  intrusion to their privacy or freedom of choice, it is important that  you are aware that having your insurance company recommend certain  healthy habits to contribute to lowering the cost of your insurance  plan, among other benefits that are included in the fine print of your  health care policy.

Beware of Obamacare

By 2014, carrying health insurance will be mandatory for all Americans, but health care insurance companies will have to abide by the new rules, which means that smokers will face rough times getting insurance because many applications will be declined to smokers and many  others will charge 50% or more in premiums for the smokers. While the new medical insurance regulations will not try to regulate your smoking habits, the financial burden seems to be the weapon they will use to  threaten you.

Living Healthy Means Healthy Finances

You should not wait until a medical insurance company tries to organically help you to improve your overall health. In fact, most financial experts advise to take out health or life insurance when you are healthy and try to start living a healthy life because your overall wellness and good health condition is much better than any insurance payout, and also contributes to paying less in premiums based on the medical evaluation of your application.

When In Doubt, Simply Ask

Because many health care insurance companies may subtle break into their policy holder’s personal life by setting certain clauses, you have to make sure to read the policy in full, including the fine print, and  ask the insurance agent about any condition that you do not clearly  understand. In addition, jot down a list of personal concerns related to your medical insurance and possible lifestyle habits that the insurer might ask you to have during the term of your policy. Asking may save you money and future headaches when trying to find the best medical insurance for you.


How Your Medical insurance Can Organically Help You

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