Losing Weight after 40: Why It Is So Difficult & Are There Any Weight Loss Plans?

December 12, 2012

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Losing Weight after 40

Losing Weight after 40

When a person enters his 40’s, he will notice the series of changes that the body begins to pass through. Because of hormonal changes, the growth rate of the cells begins to slow down. Some changes are a product of the natural process of aging such as slowing down of metabolism rate. During this age, it very noticeable that no matter how much you cut back in the portion size, the size of your jeans seems to go up and up. Here are some Medifast loss plans at 40 which can help in losing those extra weights.

The secret to losing weight in whatever age is actually by following the simple formula of consuming lesser calories than those being burned. Thus, the first thing that a person in his 40’s must understand is the proper amount of calorie needed for this age. After knowing this information, he must learn how to make a calorie deficit so he can lose weight. This means that he must consume lesser calories than what he can burn. He can do this by either intake of few calories of by doing more exercise, or both.

The next thing that people in their 40’s must learn is how to trick their metabolism with foods that are fat-fighting. There is truth in the notion that it is not only how much you eat, but how much of what food that you eat. In making your diet plans, try to make some tweaks such as incorporating foods that fight off fats rather than trigger it.

It is a belief of many health gurus that the more muscle mass a person has, the more effective his metabolism burns calories. However, an aging person has the tendency to lose muscle as fat will begin replacing it. What these people must learn is how to work it out so they can have their muscles as an ally in losing weight. This can be done by doing some basic strength exercises. Working it with some hand weights, stretch bands and others can gradually help in building those muscles. With this, you will have a reliable ally in preventing age related weight gain.

It is a fact that as a person age, sleep becomes very elusive which may be because of the busy schedules, stress and even some physical issues. However, it is also a proven fact that lack of sleep has been directly connected to weight gain. Studies also show that the more a person sleeps, the more he revs up his inner fat burning engines. Thus, people in their 40’s must take steps in combating their sleep problems so that their waistlines will also enjoy its many benefits.

Losing weight after the age of 40 is not far from being possible and there are weight loss plans for this purpose. However, it will take sheer determination from the person who wants to get the best results. It also requires a lot of discipline in the kind of foods they take and consistently change the lifestyle that they live.

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Losing Weight after 40: Why It Is So Difficult & Are There Any Weight Loss Plans?

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