4 Tips to Lose Fat on Face and Belly in a Natural Way

October 13, 2012


Lose Fat on Face and Belly in a Natural Way

Lose Fat on Face and Belly in a Natural Way

There are a lot of frustrating gimmicks about reducing belly and face fat, while there is no ‘magic pills’ that’ll target only facial or abdominal fat, but you can definitely follow these four tips lo lose fat on face and belly in a natural way.

Youngsters Often Eat Junk and Accumulate Belly Fat

For youngsters, belly fat can be a disaster and since they have strong metabolism, they’ll have to look for effective ways to reduce fat belly. Extra weight in face or belly can make one feel irritated, no matter what age you’re. It can gather around anybody’s abdomen due to lack of hormonal changes, physical activity, or unhealthy eating. Belly or face fat doesn’t only effects the way you look, but also leave a dramatic effects on your health. Research even says that ‘too much belly fat’ can increase the risk of diabetes, gallbladder problems, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, as well as heart disease.

There are many ways to help reduce stomach bulge and opting for healthy lifestyle can stop fat accumulation on the face. You can reduce face or belly fat with a healthy diet, substantial exercise, good posture, and proper hydration; so let’s take a look at all the aspects one after the other.

Have a Nutritious Breakfast

Nutritious breakfast having on time keeps insulin levels steadier and lowers the LDL cholesterol levels. Have breakfast around the same time everyday and if you tend to sleep for a little longer during weekends, eat as soon as possible you get up from bed. Avoid pancakes, instant oatmeal, waffles, or French toast and eat something with refined sugars to balance it with fiber or protein.

Perform Regular Facial Exercises

Doing facial exercise several times, a day can stop chin fat, strengthening your jaw muscles. Any facial movement, like closing mouth to takings your lips, opening jaw wide, or chewing gum is recommended. Alternating short bursts or interval training with brief resting periods can build endurance and strengthen muscle more quickly than the conventional exercises. Take long strides, try sprinting, and five-min power walk reduces fat belly, keeping you healthy.

Stay Hydrated All the Time

Drinking plenty amount of water throughout the day can lead to a more active metabolism; it prevents bloating in your chin and face. Aim to drink 8-oz glass of water/day and reduce the intake of alcoholic beverages or coffee that causes dehydration. Drinking enough water also keeps the urine almost clear. If you happen to do exercise regularly, drink more water to balance out the water that you lose in the form of sweat. If you get dehydrated then you’ll tend to run into all sorts of metabolic problems, which will ultimately hinder your ultimate aim of losing face and belly fat.

Taking Good Care of Skin Complexity

Sweet and juicy fruits like watermelon, mangoes, grapes and pears both cleanse and nourish the skin. To make sure your skin doesn’t get inflamed or break out, avoid sour or spicy foods, especially when you step out for lunch.

Measuring the Progress at Regular Intervals

Keep yourself motivated by setting and keeping goals; always start with mini aims, such as running a mile further, avoiding a spoon of sugar, or consuming 6 servings of vegetables every day. These smaller goals will give you the good feeling that you’re improving, encouraging you towards achieving your ultimate aim.

If you see negative results, don’t get disheartened, and start all over again; but, don’t simply ignore the negative signs, otherwise you’ll end up accumulating more fat on your face and belly!

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4 Tips to Lose Fat on Face and Belly in a Natural Way

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