Life Insurance vs. Health Insurance vs. Dental Healthcare

September 26, 2012

Dental Healthcare

Dental Healthcare

Dental Healthcare

There are many different types of personal insurance – and picking which policy to take out can be a minefield.

Fear not, though, as here’s a guide to life insurance, health insurance and dental healthcare.

Life insurance

Life insurance relates to provisions made for you or your loved ones in the event of your or their death(s). For more information on life insurance and the different types of cover available, sites like are useful resources. Both health insurance and dental insurance differ sharply to life insurance.

Private health care/health insurance

The term ‘private healthcare’ refers to the way in which people have a choice between having an insurance policy to cover the costs of their bills, as opposed to their health concerns being subsidised the government through the National Health Service (NHS).

Dental health insurance

Again this provides an alternative to government-funded dental care. In some cases, you may be able to receive private dental care as part of your health insurance plan, but in most cases insurers will require you to pay more to provide for any future dental work as part of your existing plan, or to take out another separate plan.

Advantages of insurance

In the cases of health and dental insurance the advantages are many, despite the added cost of the insurance itself, and include:

  • Shorter waiting times, a greater number of treatment options, and greater control over when you will be able to consult your doctors – many private doctors will see patients out of hours, meaning that you will not have to miss work.
  • Peace of mind. The three types of insurance mentioned here provide piece of mind. In the case of health and dental insurance you know that if you are ill, that you or your family can be seen at a shorter notice, lessening your worries about future health issues.
  • Financial wellbeing. In the case of life insurance, you know that in the event of your death your loved ones will be provided for financially.

Which type of insurance is best for you?

Answering this question depends entirely on your circumstances.

If you have enough money then it might be advisable to obtain all three types of insurance mentioned here, with piece of mind being a key advantage to this.

If you have little money and do not work for a company that provides private health or dental insurance for their employees, then it would perhaps be advisable to stick with the NHS. The vast majority of people in the UK find the NHS adequate for general health and dental issues.

In these circumstances it would be advisable to stick with the NHS and take out a life insurance policy to provide cover not only for the cost of funeral arrangements but to provide for loss of income as a result of your death.

People with children should consider taking out a life insurance policy. For information on the different kinds of life cover you can receive, you should do research to find the best life insurance plans on the markets.

Life Insurance vs. Health Insurance vs. Dental Healthcare

This site is for information and support only and NOT a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment!

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