More Ice-Cream – Less Stress

September 28, 2011

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Ice-cream reduces stress and defeats insomnia.

This conclusion came from the American Institute specialists for biomolecular chemistry.

More Ice-Cream - Less Stress

More Ice-Cream - Less Stress

Icy tidbit, so liked by children and adults, really helps with stress due to tryptophan contained in milk and cream.

Tryptophan is a natural tranquilizer, calming the nervous system; it improves mood and helps people to overcome insomnia. Chocolate ice-cream is also helpful. Chocolate accelerates heartbeat, increases blood pressure. Ice-cream has a place in modern prevention of gastrointestinal diseases. When it was made on the grounds of yoghurt, it is beneficial for intestinal micro flora.

The advantage of ice-cream and yogurt is that it is in a frozen condition; it cannot keep its beneficial properties for long, but during this time bacteria “sleep” frozen.

Ice-cream is rich in vitamins and minerals.

It contains the beneficial for the eyes and skin vitamins A, C, J, F and R. It also contains phosphorus needed for bone growth and magnesium, potassium and iron. The healing properties of this tidbit have even been recognized by the father of medicine Hippocrates. In Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, ice-cream was considered a drug of aristocrats. It even is treated by the famous military commander Alexander of Macedon.

There is no reason to doubt whether to afford such a pleasure. 100 g of cream contains 200 to 250 calories – not enough to ruin your diet. You should remember that the more cream an ice-cream contains, the more caloric it is, but now the market has a wide variety of ice-creams without cream. It is best to choose less-colored ice-cream, although the eye is often drawn by the exotic colors of icy pleasure.

Another reason to include ice-cream in your menu is that it is a valuable food and if it was invested in yoghurt and fresh fruit, it is even healthy. You can make a fruit salad with ice-cream and pick fruit to your taste.

Studies have shown that ice-cream with coffee and cocoa has antioxidant effects because of the polyphenols contained in them.

Remember that ice-cream should be eaten as a dessert, because it hinders the digestion of other consumed food. Eat it 2 hours after meals or at least 1 hour before meal.

British scientists have proved through experiments that ice-cream elevates mood. Studies of people who currently consume ice-cream showed that it affects areas of the brain that is responsible for emotional joy.

Milk and cream contain tryptophan, which is an effective natural tranquilizer, calming the nervous system and insomnia.

As you can see, there are many reasons for the consumption of ice cream.


More Ice-Cream – Less Stress




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Ice-Cream, Less Stress

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