Can Kids Take Vitamins?

May 12, 2012

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Can Kids Take Vitamins?



Vitamins for children

Vitamins for children

Most dieticians would advise that the best source of vitamins for children is a balanced healthy diet. In order for children to have a good supply of vitamins they have to go on a diet that contains milk products, plenty of fruits and vegetables and protein sources like chicken, fish and eggs. Cereals also serve as a source of vitamins and dietary fiber.

Although it may be advantageous not to give children vitamin supplements there are certain cases when the benefits of giving them vitamin supplements outweigh the risks involved. This is usually the case with children that don’t eat well balanced meals. Children often eat less at times when they are sick thus it may be ideal to boost their immune systems by giving them some vitamin supplements.

Nowadays most of the food we eat has been over processed and thus it rarely manages to deliver the expected amount of vitamins. Thus children who eat over processed foods may need a boost in the form of supplements so they can get their recommended RDA vitamin levels.

It is also important to know that some of the sodas that kids take actually leach some of the vitamins and minerals they take in. So as a precautionary measure so as to ensure that your children get all the vitamins they require, you can give them some specialized vitamins designed for children.

Some children can be given vitamin supplements due to their medical condition, for instance children that suffer from digestive diseases can be directed by their doctor to take multivitamins. It is always wise to fist consult a medical practitioner before administering multivitamins to your child so as to avoid any medical complications.

Very active kids especially those that play sports that demand a lot in term of physique may also be given multivitamin supplements. Vitamin supplements will ensure that such kids have strong bones and they have enough iron which is essential in the production of hemoglobin a component of blood.

The following are some of the vitamins that can be taken by kids:

Vitamin A – crucial for normal growth and development and play a part in the immune system. B vitamins – essential in the body’s metabolic processes.

Vitamin C – essential in maintaining skin integrity as well as well as muscle and connective tissue.

Vitamin D – essential in maintaining the body’s ability to absorb calcium. Plays a role in bone and tooth formation.

Mineralsvitamin supplements don’t only contain vitamins but they also contain minerals such as calcium and iron. Calcium is important to growing children as it needed in building strong bones. Iron is essential as it is required in the formation of red blood cells. Iron is also essential especially for young girls when they start to menstruate.

Although it is safe to give children vitamin supplements, it is very important they only take them under close supervision by an adult. This is very important so as to avoid any chances of overdosing which may trigger undesirable side effects.


Can Kids Take Vitamins?

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