Five iOS Apps to Help Live a Healthy Lifestyle

January 7, 2013

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Apps to Help Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Apps to Help Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Apple’s iOS platform runs on all iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad devices. A number of third party developers have released a variety of different great applications designed to help you more effectively live a healthier lifestyle. These apps range from exercise tutorials, digital cookbooks, calorie trackers and more. By installing just a few applications on your iOS device you can be well on your way down the path to healthy living in no-time at all.

Restaurant Nutrition

Restaurant Nutrition is an application specifically designed to help make healthy choices when you’re not eating at home. Many popular restaurants are present and you can use the app to find out specific calorie information even when those numbers aren’t readily available in the restaurant itself or on the actual menu.

iPump & Fitness Builder

iPump & Fitness Builder is an application designed to show you all of the various workouts that you can do regardless of where you happen to be. You can search for various workouts by specific locations including home, the gym, work, hotels and more. You can then specify exactly what parts of your body you’re trying to work on and get a list of exercises complete with instructions that will help you reach those goals.

Power 20

Power 20 is the ideal application for people who want to work out but don’t have a lot of time to do so. The application includes detailed instructions on how to complete three distinct workout routines that can be completed in around 20 minutes. Each plan shows you exactly how to perform the various techniques for the best possible results and the maximum effectiveness.

RunKeeper Pro

RunKeeper Pro is a great app for keeping track of your progress while you run. You can enter your speed, pace and even the elevation of a particular area into the app while you’re running. The application will also use your iPhone’s location services to record your exact route. You can then view a history of all your workouts at a later date to help accurately track your progress over time.


FitnessBuilder is an application that will tell you how to accurately perform nearly any workout you can think of. Over 200 different workouts all have images and videos showing you exactly what to do and how to do it. The application also offers fitness timers for you to track the progress of your workout, routine tracking capabilities and even gives users the ability to ask exercise experts personal questions. The application is also available in a version with a monthly subscription fee that offers even more information on even more workouts.

Apple’s iOS platform offers users an almost unprecedented ability to take both their health and their fitness into their own hands. Information that would have previously cost countless amounts of money in expensive gym memberships and personal training fees can now be obtained with a few taps of a button on a device small enough to fit in your back pocket. These iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad applications can help make living a healthy lifestyle easier than ever before, so it’s important to seize that opportunity and not waste it.

Richard Harrelson is a health and fitness coach. He enjoys keeping up with the latest apps that assist with health monitoring. His articles mainly appear on health blogs. Visit the for ordering contact lenses online.

Five iOS Apps to Help Live a Healthy Lifestyle

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