The Most Important Hair Care Products

March 27, 2013


Hair Care Products

Hair Care Products

For nearly any hair type, using at least some hair care products is a necessity for preserving the condition of hair. A person’s specific goals and hair type, as well as their daily schedules, will influence which type of hair product’s he or she needs. For those who are not well versed in the realm of hair products, knowing what various products do and which to try may be a frightening thought. It is vital that every person know the most basic hair care products, as well as their uses for different hair types.

Shampoo is one hair care product that a majority of people use or have used previously. Often in a liquid state, shampoo is a product scrubbed into the scalp and rinsed out of hair which is used to clean hair. Although shampoo is a quick and convenient product to clean hair with, it can be very drying and even damaging for some hair types. Those with curly or dry hair may want to limit or eliminate completely the use of shampoo. The sulfates found in common shampoos are what strip hair of natural oils and cause dryness. Another alternative to conventional shampoo is sulfate free shampoo, which is very similar to shampoo with less of the drying agents.

After shampooing their hair, many people are also accustomed to using conditioner. Contrary to popular knowledge, many conditioners are not truly moisturizing the hair. The silicones found in conditioners coat hair, but are synthetic and do not penetrate the shaft; therefore, they give hair a silky, shiny appearance without actually moisturizing. Using a more natural conditioner, or at least one without silicones, can help a person see a tremendous difference in the quality of their hair. Additionally, conditioners may be used to wash the hair instead of shampoo. The term “co-wash” is short for conditioner wash, which referrers to the practice of using conditioner to wash hair. Using conditioner to wash hair is another way for people with dry, damaged, or curly hair to restore moisture without stripping natural oils.

Leave in conditioners are similar to regular conditioners, but are meant to be left in the hair. Nearly all hair types can benefit from a leave in conditioner, but the intensity of the leave in may vary. For instance, those with healthy straight hair may want to use a very light leave in conditioner. Many regular conditioners may be left in the hair and used as leave in conditioners.

Gel is a hair care product which may help people with curly or wavy hair better define their hair and add volume. Generally, gel is smoothed on to the length of the hair after a leave in conditioner, and then scrunched upward to create definition. A person with straighter hair may also use a small amount of gel to help heat-less curls to form and hold. Moreover, gel may be used to create a sleeked back look for various updos.

Dry shampoo is an alternative for both shampoo and/or hairspray. Many people who do not wear their hair straight will not find as much of a need for dry shampoo. However, for people who have either straight or naturally more oily scalps, using dry shampoo may allow them to go more days without washing their hair. Dry shampoo tends to make hair more voluminous and pliable, so it can be an aid for many hairstyles.

Essential oils can also be useful hair care products, as they can be used for leave ins, hot oil/ deep treatments, and scalp massages. Many commonly used essential oils include; olive, almond, grape seed, jojoba, coconut, avocado, and Moroccan. Oils help to seal in moisture and condition hair, but they should be used sparingly (as not to give the hair a greasy appearance). Some hair types may not need to apply oils often, while others should incorporate them into their routines. Those interested in using essential oils for their hair should first research about how to use the oil for best results. Avoid petroleum/mineral oil and vegetable oil.

Heat protectant is a vital product for anyone using heat tools on their hair. Heat protecting hair care products from Pauls Hair World often have silicones (which coat the hair to protect it) so they can cause product build up. Although a heat protectant will not shield the hair completely from damage, it will greatly reduce it. Heat protectants should be applied before heat, and left to dry before heat is used.

Although many people have heard of the basic hair care products, they may not understand all of the proper uses. Each hair type may require different combinations of products, but all hair benefits from suitable care.


The Most Important Hair Care Products

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Hair Care Products

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