The Importance of Healthy Eating for Teens

August 15, 2011

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The Importance of Healthy Eating for Teens

If you have teenagers at home or you are a teenager, the information about some appropriate diet for this age is very important. Teenagers have a lot more to grow and should take many nutrients to have the strength for school dances, football, going out with friends and all typical things which are part of their lives.

The most important thing about teenagers’ eating is that they should eat only healthy food. Teenagers need a lot of calories and nutrients, especially calcium and iron, which are vital for growth at this stage of life.

The required amount of calories for young people vary the same way as for adults, but the amount for girls is about 1800 to 2100 calories a day and for boys – from 2200 to 2700 calories a day.

It sounds like a lot of calories for a child, but you should remember that at this age human body grows, develops and requires more energy to be healthy enough and to support the rapid speed at which teens live.

The Importance of Healthy Eating for Teens

The Importance of Healthy Eating for Teens

We can hardly believe that young people eat healthy all the time, but there are several important rules that must be respected by all.

Of course, there is no young man who consistently selects only healthy food. Even vegetarians sometimes choose ready-to-cook food. As a parent of a teenager you should never tell your child not to eat fast food with friends – you cannot help him this way.

It is important for young people to understand better the components of the healthy eating and they should be given a good reason to choose healthy food. So if you want to help your kid – start talking on the subject. Then, a good solution is to limit or completely remove the ready-to-cook food from your home. If there are no such products at home, children will definitely stop consuming them.

 The Importance of Healthy Eating for Teens


Here are some tips for healthy eating for teens. They are helpful especially if your kid is overweight:

• They must always have breakfast. Make sure they consume enough proteins for energy. It is good to add carbohydrates, a piece of fruit or fruit juice.

• Talk to children about the choices they make for lunch when they go out with friends. Explain the consequences of eating fast food and encourage them to make the right choice.

• Make sure your home has different and healthy snacks that your child will eat after school.

• Try to gather the family for eating, although it is difficult when everybody has a different schedule. Scientists have proven that in families who eat at home together the children often are healthier and when they grow they consume alcohol and smoke cigarettes less than others.

• Remember that dinner must be healthy. This is perhaps the only meal you have control over, so choose lots of vegetables, protein, and if you want to have a dessert, let it be fruits.

•Forbid sodas, even dietetic drinks. Replace them with fruit juices. Organize an evening walks or some sort of physical activity with the participation of the whole family.

•It is important not to tease children or teenagers with their weight, because this will be the beginning of a teen protest. A united family, living in a good environment where everyone eats healthy can help and motivate your child to have a healthy lifestyle.

The Importance of Healthy Eating for Teens


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