The Ideal Diet to Help with Quitting Smoking

December 21, 2012


Diet to Help with Quitting Smoking

Diet to Help with Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking can be a challenge alone, before even considering the other aspects of life it can have an effect on. Often people who quit smoking will find they will start to gain weight, or will find cravings difficult to cope with, or even overwhelming. Fortunately there is a range of foods that can be incorporated into a diet to help combat the weight gain, cravings and general energy levels of a person who is attempting to quit smoking.

The Reasons for a Diet Change

It may be argued that quitting smoking and attempting to diet at the same time is too much stress for a person’s body to handle, however adapting a diet to aid the body during the process of quitting can really help keep the body in a state of control, lessening the feeling of wanting or needing to smoke. There are many reasons that a change of diet can be beneficial; one of the main reasons is that it can help combat any weight gain that may be otherwise noticed without a diet change. People who have quit smoking will usually feel inclined to snack once they are no longer smoking due to the fact they no longer have nicotine in their system, the withdrawal pangs that can occur can often be mistaken for a feeling of hunger causing overeating. Other common reasons for weight gain after quitting can be due to the feeling that food will help, due to the comfort food can give some people, or even due to food tasting better as the body recovers, hence eating more of the food that tastes good.

Good Diet Food

There are many ranges of food that a smoker may find helps them to get them through their stages of withdrawal. It is also these foods that can help to replace the nutrients that are lost within the body caused by the damage that smoking does to many of the bodies organs. Included in a diet specifically for quitting smoking should be vitamins B and C as well as omega-3 fatty acids and selenium to replace any lost nutrients. Foods that are good for vitamins B and C include red bell peppers, cabbage, potatoes, strawberries and many more. Selenium can be gained from foods such as chicken, eggs and brown rice as well as shrimps and other seafood. Good sources of omega-3 can be avocados, cod, herring and even oysters. A very good food to cover many of the nutrients that will help for this kind of diet is tuna, as it contains vitamin B, selenium and omega-3 and can be used in many different recipes as well as simply in sandwiches or with a salad.

Aids to Help Quit Smoking

Currently there are many different kinds of smoking aids available to help people attempting to quit. Some of the more common aids for quitting include many forms of nicotine replacement; nicotine gum, patches and mouth spray are just a few of the available alternatives that are offered when nicotine cravings are proving too much for a person. There are also other replacement therapy items that can help with quitting such as Chantix, which uses specially formed tablets to help lessen cravings and hunger. Another widely available and used option is electronic cigarettes; these are electronic inhalers that simulate the feeling of smoking, without the actual damage that smoking causes. Not only do these help stop the feeling of needing to smoke, they can help people to avoid snacking simply to have something in their mouth as the electronic cigarette feels exactly like a normal cigarette.

Quitting smoking can be tough even for the most strongly willed person. It can test the limits of what a person can take as they endure the cravings for a cigarette and change their lifestyle to improve their general health. Being prepared with a healthy diet packed with the necessary vitamins and minerals can really give an advantage to kicking a bad smoking habit, whilst becoming healthier and also keeping up energy and having appropriate, healthy snacking food available and ready to eat. The most important thing to remember when quitting smoking is that positivity and a supportive atmosphere can help someone make that all important change to their life, a diet plan or an aid to help quit will only help to a certain degree, however where there’s a will, there’s always a way; a healthy, nutrient packed diet just helps keep the body fuelled and ready to go.

The Ideal Diet to Help with Quitting Smoking

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