Lower Your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol With Natural Foods

August 21, 2011

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High blood pressure – what we can do to defeat it without drugs and surgery.

One way to combat high blood pressure is water, as odd as it sounds. High blood pressure very often is caused by chronic dehydration. A good advice is to drink more water and thus prevent dehydration of the body and reduce high blood pressure without any side effects.

This is the first thing you can do. Second, you should concentrate on the next important step – avoid salt and sodium. It has been shown that high levels of sodium in the body cause high blood pressure.

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High Blood Pressure

A good advice – never eat foods containing simple sodium or sodium chloride (salt Produces).


Sodium chloride is not a real salt. If you decide to eat your dish with salt – better choose sea salt. This is a real salt of the ocean, completely natural product. It has a richer structure in comparison with sodium chloride, and also it has a better influence on your body.

An important step in avoiding high blood pressure is avoiding restaurants, especially the cheaper ones. In most restaurants the food offered is saturated with salt and very often they use for cooking semi-manufactured foods. And the most important thing is eating mainly natural foods.

Now let’s pay attention to healthy cholesterol levels. One of the most important and essential things you need to do for achieving good cholesterol levels primarily to avoid hydrogenated oils. These are artificial fats that are made in laboratories for the convenience of manufactured food. They have no place in the human body, but unfortunately in most of the grocery stores almost all the snacks and breakfasts or preparations contain hydrogenated fats. For example, margarine is made from hydrogenated fats, although the label says the opposite. Hydrogenated fats are the most toxic products that we can put in our body.

The next step is to avoid eating fried foods. Fried foods should be completely excluded from our diet. And if you have already given up red meat and dairy products, giving up fried foods would be a very easy step for you. Fried foods are incompatible with your health, and even if you have some fried food once a week, this will mean that you will have a cholesterol problem.

There are many delicious recipes for preparing fresh food. Fresh vegetables are much more delicious and healthy than the cooked ones. And if you want to prepare them as a garnish, then you can at least roast or boil them with some herbs that would bring the so wanted taste.

In addition, to fight against high cholesterol levels you can try eating garlic.


It is very useful for the health of the body and lowers cholesterol levels. Garlic is also recommended for many other symptoms. For example, it is an excellent tool for fighting cancer, but also a wonderful product, acting positively on the immune system of the body.


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