Herbal Colon Cleanse – 2

One important area to target with your detox recipe is the colon, and an herbal colon cleanse can do the job. As you probably know, the colon is a vital part of the digestive system, and plays an often unsung role in our general health. The last part of the digestive tract, the colon offers the body its last chance to extract what nutrients and minerals it can before solid wastes leave the body. As such, it is essential to keep the colon at peak function; this makes it a prime target for many detox recipes.

Over time, impurities and fecal waste can become trapped in the colon, and potentially impair the natural functioning of this essential organ and requiring cleansing. Other reasons for a colon cleansing detox include the weight loss benefits it may bring, and according to many proponents, a general feeling of lightness and well being.

There are mechanical methods of cleansing the colon which have been popular over the years. The most invasive is of course hydrotherapy, or irrigation, in which a large amount of warm water is injected directly into the colon by a professional practitioner using special equipment. The home enema is a lesser version of this which does not go as deeply into the colon. Various substances including herbs can be added to the water as desired. However, many people have an obvious distaste for such invasive methods, especially when performed by a third party.

An alternative is the natural herbal colon cleanse. Herbal supplements and a specifically fiber-rich diet can be effective colon cleansers without the direct mechanical manipulation of irrigation or enemas. A good herbal colon cleanse can include ingredients like ginger, senna, aloe leaf or cayenne pepper, as well as fiber supplemental materials like psyllium husk or various seed.

These herbal colon cleanse ingredients can be found at any health food store, and increasingly at more general mainstream outlets, as natural herbal, organic cures and remedies become more popular. However, don’t be fooled: an herbal colon cleanse may be natural, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be strong. Be prepared for a possibly powerful laxative effect once the cleanse begins killing the harmful parasites and eliminating bad bacteria and toxins. You may not experience this laxative effect with your particular detox, but it’s certainly better to be prepared.

Take care of your body and it will take care of you; that applies to the colon too!


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