Hearing loss symptoms

March 22, 2013

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Hearing loss

Hearing loss

People suffer from the problem of hearing loss when the sensitivity to hear the normal sound ebbs. Hearing loss is a very common problem and the problem is getting a rapid growth in the present time. There are a number of reasons that are responsible for the hearing loss. These are as follows

  1. Pollution and Noise: It is said that 60 decibel is highest sound tolerable for ears. But at the present time due to sound pollution and unbearable noise often the limit is crossed causing excess stress on the ears. This leads to hearing loss and gradual deafness.

  1. Age: Age is a very common reason behind hearing loss. Such problem generally affects in the initial adulthood stage and does not get in the way of understanding banter and so not cared seriously.  Later on it becomes a serious problem for which the person suffers from hearing loss or sometimes completely loses the ability to hear.

  1. Earwax: People from all ages can suffer from hearing loss due to the earwax. Earwax gradually builds up and blocks the ear canal and hampers the conveyance of the sound impression. But having the earwax removed the problem can be healed.

  1. Infection and tumor: People often suffer from ear infection or growth of unwanted bones mostly in the outer or middle part of their ear. This habitually leads to the problem of hearing loss.

  1. Genetic: The problem of hearing loss is often inherited and affects at an early age.

The hearing loss is never a sudden case unless and until it is because of any accident. There are numbers of hearing loss symptoms that indicate the hitch. Detecting the symptoms on time the problem can be cured. Let us have a look at the symptoms.

  • Muffled Hearing:  Muffled hearing is one of the very common hearing loss symptoms. The hearing becomes blunted or muffled of a person suffering from hearing loss.

  • Intricacy to get what others say:  People who suffer from hearing loss often fail to get what others say and this one of the major hearing loss symptoms. This can be observed easily when the person fails to answer properly or cannot identify the words individually.

  • When a person starts watching television or listen to music in a louder sound than the times of yore it gives a clear indication that he or she has started losing the ability to hear.

  • Avoiding cultural gathering: Often for a person suffering from the problem of hearing loss it is quite stressful to be in a social or cultural gathering and he starts avoiding it. At an adult age social gathering is a most wanted pas time for the adults and they feel depressed since they cannot communicate properly with others.

  • Pain: People are always suggested not to ignore ear pains as that can lead to hearing loss or even deafness in the future. It is a clear symptom of hearing loss, indeed.

Other than that itching problem, vertigo is another hearing loss symptom. Such a problem can be avoided if detected on time and treated properly.

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Ema Watson writes on various healthcare subjects. She loves sharing some knowledge on Hearing Loss Symptoms on behalf of the Hearing Excellence a company that provides services to the hearing impaired people.


Hearing loss symptoms

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Hearing loss

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