Five Great Health Tips to Living a Longer Life

December 14, 2011


Five Great Health Tips to Living a Longer Life


Five Great Health Tips to Living a Longer Life

Five Great Health Tips to Living a Longer Life


I have only lived on this planet for forty years, but in that time I have generally lived a healthy life. More recently, I have been exploring ways to live a longer life on sites like Healthy Page and I will share them with you.


Exercising has many health benefits. For example, it can help you burn fat, which will reduce the strain on your heart to pump blood to various parts of your bodies. People who are not obese are also at significantly reduced risk for diabetes. Furthermore, being in good cardiovascular shape allows you to run long distances, which is useful if there is ever an emergency or natural disaster where you could be harmed, like a fire.

Don’t do illegal drugs

While certain drugs are much more dangerous than others, most illegal drugs are still incredibly addictive and very detrimental to your health. For example, cocaine can cause heart attacks which can lead to brain damage, and heroine can cause damage to your veins. Furthermore, if you are caught then you can be sentenced to prison, where the rough environment will expose your body to serious harm.

These and other dangerous drugs are discussed more lengthily at

Limit alcohol consumption

An occasional drink is fine, but each beer has over 300 calories, which means that 6 beers in one night is equivalent to the calorie needs of many people. Not only that, but the alcohol itself can damage your brain. Furthermore, alcohol is incredibly addictive so if you drink too much too frequently then you may become an alcoholic. If you are from a country with a high drinking age and thus did not learn how to respect alcohol then you need to be especially careful. Remember that the dose makes the poison!

Reduce sugar intake

Simple sugars, found in juice, soda, and ice cream, are incredibly bad for your health. They can lead to diabetes, and are a significant contributor to obesity.

Sugars help cause type 2 diabetes because the surge in sugar causes your insulin level to fluctuate. This is why some people feel a “candy high” after eating sugar and then quickly feel a “sugar crash” and feel sleepy and lethargic.

Obesity is often caused by sugar consumption because your body automatically stores some of the sugar it eats as fat, regardless of whether you need that energy right now. This has a direct effect of creating more fat, and also an indirect effect of causing your body to yearn more food and be hungry.

Use common sense

Common sense can help save your health, especially health to your physical body, by simply stopping you from doing dangerous things. Young adults (especially men) are a lot riskier than older adults so if you are a young adult you might have to use a great amount of self-awareness. Maybe you should not drive 40 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour zone, or maybe you should slow down in construction and school zones.

This is a guest post by Murray Newlands. Murray writes on a variety of topics, such as health, making money online, and how to monetize mobile apps.



Five Great Health Tips to Living a Longer Life

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