Top Five Health Benefits Of Multivitamins

November 23, 2012


Health Benefits Of Multivitamins

Health Benefits Of Multivitamins

Recent research by market analysts Mintel shows that just 35 per cent of Britons take multivitamins regularly in comparison with 41 per cent four years ago. Be it the recession or controversial studies on their benefits that caused consumers to cut down on health supplements, some people consider vitamins a waste of money.

Here are the main five reasons for giving vitamin supplements a chance.

#1. They supply the lacking nutrients. As stated by Paula Prociuk Blacklock, Toronto-based spokesperson for Jamieson Laboratories, a multivitamin is the “best health insurance” the consumer can check they get “an adequate range of specific nutrients”. “Not everyone has the time to make sure they are eating all the right food groups every day”, she adds.

#2.  They help build your immune system. Of course, vitamins are no substitute for healthy life habits but they are a good addition to them. Taking a multivitamin daily boosts your immune system, which is essential in winter to fight colds and flu.

#3. They enhance your appearance. Vitamins and minerals you consume influence the way you look. Skin elasticity, tone, and clearness; hair thickness and strength; fingernail strength and colour all depend on the adequate amount of vitamins and minerals in the body.

#4. They help battle stress. Vitamin deficiency is a common cause of feeling depressed, exhausted, stressed and having mood swings. All these issues are commonplace among people keeping to strict diets and exercise plans, which is counter-productive to achieving their goals. Taking a daily multivitamin may help compensate for the lost nutrients.

#5.  They can fit into your lifestyle. Vitamins and minerals come in a variety of formulations specifically tailored to suit different lifestyles and needs, be it exercising, diets, fat burning or metabolism boosting.

Unfortunately, some people rely solely on vitamins and forget about tried and true ways to prevent disease such as exercising, healthy eating, and avoiding smoking. According to Eva Lonn, professor in the division of cardiology at McMaster University and Hamilton General Hospital in Ontario, Canada, the controversial findings on the use of vitamins for disease prevention prove that supplements shouldn’t be used as a single method to prevent any illness.

Top Five Health Benefits Of Multivitamins

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