The Health Benefits of Grapefruits

May 24, 2012

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The Health Benefits of Grapefruits


Health Benefits of Grapefruits

Health Benefits of Grapefruits


Grapefruit is a type of fruit that is related to the family of oranges, which has segmented parts with a clean, juicy flesh and citrus or tangy flavor. Grapefruit literally means fruit of paradise, which owes it to its vast health benefits. Grapefruits differ on their internal colors such as white, pink or red. All the variations of grapefruit have the same health benefits, but according to the World’s Healthiest Foods, the red variation of grape fruit contains the highest benefits.

The health benefits of grapefruit are based on its components such as fiber and phytonutrients. However, if you are taking medications such as statins, better consult your physician before taking grapefruit because it causes drug interactions. Nevertheless, those who are not taking medications that may possibly interact with grapefruit may have its benefits safely. The health benefits of Grapefruit include:

Improves digestive functions

The high dietary fiber content of grapefruit makes it a good remedy for improved bowel elimination. It also improves the digestion; thereby absorbing most of the nutrients you take in.

Prevents infections and diseases

Grapefruit contains high amounts of vitamin C, which helps the body to fight infections by strengthening the collagen matrix of the cells.

Contains antioxidants

Grapefruit is also an excellent source of antioxidants, which prevents cellular oxidative stress that leads to various diseases. This function also reduces the amount of cholesterol in the body that reduces the risk for cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, heart attack and stroke. The red variation of grapefruit tends to have the highest antioxidant properties.

Prevents development of cancer

Grapefruit contains high amounts of carotenoids, which are plant compounds that are able to prevent certain types of diseases. Specifically, the red and pink variations of grapefruit contain high amounts of lycopene, which has chemoprotective properties. This prevents the damage to the cells that may prevent cancers such as prostate cancer.

Detoxifies the body

Grapefruit also contains another phytonutrient called limonoids. Limonoids are special compounds that make carcinogens and other toxins in the body to become more water soluble; thereby making them easier to flush out of the system.

Contains high amounts of pectin

Pectin is a natural fiber that helps slow down atherosclerosis or the accumulation of cholesterol and lipids in the walls of the blood vessels. Pectin may reduce the level of low density lipoproteins or the bad cholesterol as well as harmful triglycerides that tend to attach to the blood vessel walls. The white and red variations of grapefruit may have different levels of antioxidant properties, but both have equal efficacy in reducing the cholesterol and lipid levels.

Includes high amounts of vitamins and minerals

Grapefruit is a rich source of vitamin A, which is important for normal vision. A half of a grapefruit may deliver up to 6.4% of the recommended daily allowance for vitamin A. In addition, grapefruit also contains high amounts of B vitamins essential for metabolism and cellular functioning. Furthermore, grapefruit also contains potassium, which is essential for normal contractility of the heart muscles and smooth muscles.

Next time you buy grapefruit, choose the colored variations in order to have more of its benefits.

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