Health Benefits of Coconut

October 28, 2012

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Health Benefits of Coconut

Health Benefits of Coconut

Coconut is quite famous fruit among South Asian people and it is used for many purposes in many different forms. The versatility of its use in our day to day life makes it quite worthy for us. In India, coconut oil, one of the forms of its use, was brought from America and at that time there were not anything good to hear about it. But today, the southern part of India uses it in almost every dish they prepare and in addition to that they use it for many other purposes as well. In this article, we focus on some of such uses and benefits of coconut that makes it so special.

As coconut water

Coconut water is the clear liquid that one will find inside the green coconuts. It is enriched with nice amount of calories, proteins and fat and to be satisfied it contains no fat in it. Further it is rich in content of Potassium as an electrolyte and the amount is almost double than that present in banana. It is quite effective drink during summer season and is also beneficial for lowering cholesterol in the body.

As coconut oil

We already see much popular hair oils ads on the TV screen related to it. So, one of the most famous use of it is as hair oil. It strengthens hair and reduces the problem of hair loss. One can apply it and leave the hair for overnight for better results. It is also so frequently used in cooking. Coconut oil contains around 120 calories and 15g fat per teaspoon. However, this fat does not give any harm to the body as the presence of triglycerides type fat, gets metabolised entirely differently in comparison to the fat from the other oils.

As coconut milk

Coconut milk is not that much better to use from the nutrient contents point of view. It hardly contains any amount of carbohydrates or proteins rather most part of it is just fat. However it is most commonly used as flavouring agent or in making coffee or with cereals.


In addition to the various uses of coconut as discussed earlier, there are many advantages of using them as well. Coconuts are anti- bacterial, anti- parasitic, anti- viral, anti- fungal in nature and that clearly means that it can be used against the development of bacteria, virus and parasites. The consumption of coconut oil helps in reducing the effect of fevers like influenza, lice and many other infection problems like throat infections, urinary tract infections. The intake of coconut is also quite helpful to fight against diseases like tapeworms, bronchitis, gonorrhoea etc.

Coconut oil is used as a moisturizer and if applied to the body regularly, it helps to keep the dryness away from the body. Further, coconuts contain nice amounts of calcium and magnesium and hence help in the growth of bones. It helps in reducing a risk of disease named osteoporosis. Coconut also serves as a good source of protein and fatty acids.

With all these benefits and advantages, now it must be clear to you that why one needs to include it in his daily life.

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Health Benefits of Coconut

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