5 Hairstyles to Try Before You Reach 30

November 6, 2012


5 Hairstyles to Try Before You Reach 30

5 Hairstyles to Try Before You Reach 30

There are many hairstyles that ladies spend years considering getting – now is the time to do it! Try out as many styles as possible before reaching the big 30, a time when that grown-up sensible job and the start of family life may push ladies into getting a more ‘mature’ style. With so many great hairstyles out there, there is no time for ladies to waste. Here are five carefree hairstyles to try out before reaching 30.

1) Bright, bold and beautiful

Brightly coloured hair is a style that stands out like no other. Barbie pink locks or sea blue hair can be seen from a mile off, leaving passers-by stunned with their mouths hanging open. A look that most ladies consider courageous and daring, bright, beautiful hair is most definitely a style to experience before reaching the 30s. For those wanting to make an impression, there is no better way to do it.  Whether it’s blue, green or even orange, a temporary bright hair colour is a style worth trying. An adventurous statement, this is a wild, bold look to enjoy before the arrival of kids deems it ‘too embarrassing Mum!’

2) A superb statement

A statement piece, such as a bow or fashion scarf, is a must wear for ladies before reaching their 30s. Simply wrap the fashion item around the top of the head and wear it in a hippie-like style. A look that pushes up the hair, giving it a lush, voluminous full look, this is a great style to try out. A fresh and funky vibe, this superb style is bound to get eyes darting from all directions.

A bold look is a daring statement and a must for women before reaching their 30s.

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3) Fabulous full fringe

Rocking a full fringe is a style that most ladies are secretly dying to try out. Ever since full, block fringes came back into fashion, more and more young women have been sporting them across the globe. Ladies should let their secret aching for a fringe take hold and simply go with it. Fringes may not be guaranteed to suit everyone but what’s the harm in trying! As the saying goes ‘it’s better to do and regret, than to not do at all’.

4) Ravishing and romantic

Trying out a sweet, romantic look before reaching the 30s is essential. A romantic plait around the top of the head, will give ladies that angelic, Juliet look. To achieve this style, women can either tie a sweet single plait around the top of the head, securing with bobby pins, or create one plait or more using a small section of those long locks, creating a softer, more casual look.

4) A short, stylish bob

A short, stylish bob is a style that ladies spend months mulling over. Women with long, lush locks who have being thinking about cutting it into a short crop for a while, should go for it. Lots of choppy layers will give this style that edgy, cool look that women have to try out before their 30s. Cutting in a stylish side fringe will compliment this look perfectly, transforming those long, princess locks into an edgy, rock-star bob.


These five great styles are certainly worth trying out before reaching 30. From daring to try out a bold, courageous colour to styling a soft plait around the top of the head, these looks are both brave and beautiful. Ladies should let their hair run wild and free and dare to try out as many styles as they can, use Evo hair products to help with your hair regime!


5 Hairstyles to Try Before You Reach 30

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