What Your Hair Style Says About You?

April 30, 2011

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Short hair is most often associated with extreme intelligence otvorenoet and honesty – what you see is what it is as a rule, short hair makes young women more sophisticated and a little older.
Hair to the shoulders
Woman with shoulder-length hair is usually perceived as a woman of class, strong woman. People see these women as powerful, women who combine both wit and beauty.

Long hair
If long hair is well maintained, it speaks of confidence and emotion, sexuality. But beware of shaggy and long hair, it sends the following message to the people: this guy is trying to hide something disbanded and shaggy hair and is seen as confused.
Curly hair for rights
Valnistata curly hair and create the impression of playfulness, playfulness, warmth and secure. Rights hair tells people that you are organized, subtle and stylish woman.
Harvested in a traditional ponytail hair is a sign of sanity – that is extremely good vision for meeting with parents, partner or meeting with your boss. The high ponytail makes us more energetic and casual look.

The length of hair must be in accordance with the proportions of the face.

Have you been to bring salon style photo you want to make you? And then you wonder why Meg Ryan, for example, and stay cool, but your version is a total failure? More likely guilt is not the skill of stylist, in that you have not complied with the shape of your face.And the most important thing that absolutely defines what’s your ideal hairstyle is exactly the shape of your face.
Fortunately, the only thing you should do is to “remove the measures” on her face.

Take tailoring meter (line and roulette also work), paper and pen. First, measure your face horizontally from the top of the cheekbones. Save number. Then measure the width of the level of the jaws. Save number. Then measure the widest part of the forehead, just above the eyebrow line and save the number. Finally, measure the height, starting from the hairline to the bottom of the chin and save the number.

The result:
- Oval face: The height of your face is about 1 ? times greater than the width (width use the average of three values).
- Round face: height and width are almost identical.
- Square face: width of the forehead and jaw are almost identical.
- Heart-shaped face: cheekbones and forehead are broader and the chin is narrow.

Ode to oval
If you have an oval face, rejoice! This is considered the ideal shape because of the exquisite, symmetrical proportions and lack of sharp angles.
Although this form going as long and short hair, avoid tousled hairdos and those with clumps in the face to distract from the form. You can experiment, however, as you want.

Long round
If you found that the shape of your face is round, then enter in good company – that of Kate Winslet and Jennifer Hudson. A little less length and height of the hair will prolong the face. You can easily lift the hair as long as you leave a few strands falling. Step-cut also compensate roundness of the face. Another possibility for the round shape is lightest bangs as long as it does not go too sideways to the temples.

Square and sexy
Just like Jodie Foster! Try and give your long locks of hair with a slight elevation tupirane and casual curls.
Do not separate the rights hair in the middle of the road, avoid chin length and bangs. All these styles will highlight Corner jaw, and you have more to soften the form and give it more feminine. Thinning locks and will make you look great.

Heart-shaped beauties
This is actually a very nice shape. Long golden curls and bangs light of a country is one of the options for you. In all cases, however, it is good to know that softens bretonat form and distracts from the protruding chin and high forehead.
Other tips
If your face is too elongated, wear their hair long in order to “shorten”. Avoid the average lengths. Furthermore, let the ends are equal, not tapered to balance the proportions of your beautiful face.

Geometry is destiny
Of course, if you follow these rules, the result is likely your style is great. Note however that there are no absolute proportions, 99% of people are not individuals with symmetrical face shape and often a combination of, in fact, different forms. Which brings us to the basic rule:

Emphasize the positive, emphasize what you like. The stars also have defects, but have learned how to use what is given them in the best possible way.

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