Guide on How Stress Eats Not Only Your Body But Beauty Too

August 22, 2012

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If till now you have believed that stress affects only your health, then you have been living with a misconception! It also affects how you look. Stress has adverse effects on the overall well being of the skin and complexion. Stress affects diet which in turn means lack of essential nutrients.

Stress Eats Not Only Your Body But Beauty Too

Stress Eats Not Only Your Body But Beauty Too

Poor Nutrition and stress

Mary Hartley, RD, MPH and nutritionist for Calorie Count explains that stress always results poor nutrition as it dampers your intentions of having good food. Stress either results in loss of appetite (which means the necessary nutrients are missing from your diet plan) or you tend to fall for junk food (as they are high on energy and help you feel better). Both the situations are dangerous for the skin.

Effects of Stress on Beauty

An overdose of anxiety affects the glow of the skin and gives rise to a number of skin complexion troubles. Read below how severely you affect your skin with every bit of anxiety you take:

  • Development of fine lines:

Have you ever seen your face when you are stressed? One thing for sure you would have noticed will be how fine line develops when you frown and furrow the brows. Now imagine those fine lines getting permanent. Terrified! But it is true, the fine lines tend to grow permanent as with the age the elasticity of the skin is lost. So, next time you are angry, tell yourself, ‘I don’t want fine lines.’

  • Dullness:

Skin is the mirror of your inner well being. If you are stressed it is sure to reflect on your skin. It grows dull and seems lifeless. This is also because stress triggers the secretion of cortisol hormone that hinders the transportation of skin cells to the surface and they flake off. This is not all this hormone makes it look dull.

  • Dryness:

Unreasonable deadlines or a recent break-up can be responsible for the flaky skin? The lipid barrier decreases with the increase in the stress levels which results in evaporation of the fluids. It is best to use weekly moisture mask or hydrate serums below the regular moisturizer to fix the flakes.

  • Exacerbated conditions:

Hartley explains that stress inhibits with the skin’s natural repair process. Therefore, more the stress you are to witness more skin related troubles like cold sores, flare-ups, eczema, psoriases and many other skin troubles.

  • Blemishes:

Soon, after the acne age passes away the blemishes starts popping up here and there on face making you irritable. If you are prone to blemishes then one prime reason can be stress. Cortisol increases the production of oil which add block out the pores which results in the breakouts.

Stress – how to combat it?

Most of us don’t realize in the stress that having balanced diet minimizes the stress and helps you get the desired healthy and glowing skin. Take following food items to beat stress and have healthy and glowing skin:

  • Fish:

Fish helps in stabilizing the blood sugar levels and is a rich source of Omega 3. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help you protect the stress-strained heart. You can have broiled salmon or fish pasta or tuna sandwich.

  • Bananas:

They are known to be a rich source of Vitamin B family and also potassium. When you begin to feel stressed, a bowl of bananas help you soothe. Deficiency of vitamin B leads to depression, cracked skin and cardiovascular ailments.


How to combat Stress

How to combat Stress

  • Citrus fruits:

Citrus fruits a rich source of Vitamin C is essential to beat stress and maintain healthy skin. Vitamin C rich fruits help in minimizing the damage of the sunburns and make the skin glow. Also, Vitamin C fights free radicals and makes you stress free.

After reading all the side effects on stress for the skin, you must be anxiously waiting for some tips to keep the skin health and glowing. So, here are two prime tips for you: Drink lot of water to combat anxiety and practice to be calm and stress free.

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Guide on How stress Eats Not Only Your Body But Beauty Too


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