Why Good Health = a More Amazing Singing Voice

February 14, 2013

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Why Good Health = a More Amazing Singing Voice

Why Good Health = a More Amazing Singing Voice

No matter what you aspire for, good health will always be a prerequisite. Nothing is more important than great health for a budding vocalist; singing requires a lot of bodily stamina. Therefore, maintaining good overall health is crucial for an aspiring singer to have a great voice.

Singing does not only require inner passion, soul, and talent; the job is a physical one too, and it entails a healthy system. Apart from the vocal cords, the lungs and other respiratory organs play a massive role in proving a singer’s stamina. If you want to make your mark in the world of music, train yourself like an athlete to combat singing related health issues!

At the start of your singing career, you must look into the best vocal exercises that will make your cords more flexible. If you get professional help like takelessons singing lessons then one of the first things you will learn is vocal exercises and remedies for tired vocals. No matter how good you are, always opt for singing lessons that will help you in increasing your vocal capability and versatility. Remember, the best singers are humble; never lose an opportunity to learn!

Many singers make the mistake of treating their vocal cords like a musical instrument. Singing without breaks, not taking enough fresh air, and even over-using your vocal cords can cause damage beyond repair.

Your vocal cords are not an instrument, and you won’t have the option to get a new set! It is important to schedule the singing sessions in a way that it does not get too tiring.

Stars like Adele, John Mayer, and Keith Urban are clear examples of intense vocal talent that suffered the wrath of bad health. Taken aback by the sudden plethora of fame and success, singers like them do not find enough time to relax themselves. Adele alone has suffered complications like persistent flu, laryngitis, and vocal cord hemorrhages. It is great to be well and go on tours every month, but the risk of damaging oneself is too high.

Apart from vocal cord specific precautions, budding singers must also pay attention to other health issues. Cigarette smoking is a singer’s worst enemy; it affects the lung capacity, increases blood pressure (and thus, hypertension), and is known to damage the singing voice a great deal. Great health means peace of mind and composure, and these are some qualities every prominent singer must possess.

The world of music is always strong in competition, and factors like health and stamina can help give young singers an edge over the others. Strong vocal skills, resilience and determination, teamed with terrific training can do wonders for the musical newbies!

Why Good Health = a More Amazing Singing Voice

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