Giving Yourself The Motivation To Exercise More

April 30, 2012

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Giving Yourself The Motivation To Exercise More


Exercise More

Most of us live busy and hectic lives. Between work obligations, family responsibilities, and daily errands we often find ourselves with little time to ourselves – little time to relax, kick back, and do whatever we want. This lack of down time is a common excuse – one of many – provided by those who do not get consistent exercise. I’ll go for a run next week when I’m not busy, they’ll say.

All of us have had this mindset at some point or another. And, in many situations, it may be true: you might actually being going through a period so busy that you have no time to work out. But it’s more likely that you simply aren’t making time – that you’re giving yourself an excuse. When this happens it’s important to compel ourselves back into an exercise routine.

Specifically, we want to motivate ourselves to work out and to burn some calories. How can we do this? How can we create motivation where none currently exists? Here are a few tips:

-Make an investment. Sometimes, making an investment in our wellness is the best way to encourage motivation. The easiest way to do this is by getting a membership at a health club. You may also want to buy a new pair of running shoes or check reviews on Sole treadmills for use in your basement. Whatever the specific approach, making a cash investment can compel us to exercise – and it can give us a new and more exciting means through which this can be done.

-Find a training partner. Studies have shown that people are more motivated when they feel more accountable. This sense of accountability can certainly be achieved on an individual level, but it is usually easier to secure when a training buddy is involved. If you run with a friend every afternoon, you will likely keep the routine going out of a sense of accountability to them. In turn, they will do the same to you.

-Set concrete goals or incentives. Individually-targeted goals and incentives can be among the most effective means of encouraging motivation. These goals and incentives are highly personalized and, as such, should vary considerably from person to person. Some people set finishing a marathon as a training goal. Others seek to lift a certain amount of weight. And many people incentive themselves by dining out after a week of solid exercise.

-Keep a record. Finally, while all these above mentioned approaches have value, some people need to follow only one simple step in order to become more motivated: they need to start recording their workouts in a journal. If you write down every time you step foot on an elliptical, you’re far more likely to accomplish all these other traits. You are more likely to be accountable to yourself, you are more likely to naturally create goals, and you are more likely to realize the investment you’ve made thus far in your training.

These are a few of the main ways to give yourself motivation and make regular exercise more of a reality. While outside factors may often limit our ability to work out, we should never  those factors get corrupted by our inertia within.

Giving Yourself The Motivation To Exercise More

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